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Dec 30, 2008
I'm looking to build a 260 Rem, Just wondered if any one had any experience with a CZ or a Rem 700. Looking for a new toy to shoot coyotes with. I like the numbers that I've seen with it. How much twist do I need ( 1-10 ) and barrel length.
Most factory twist are 1-9. I think some building custom rigs even go with 1-8" twist for the 140/142gn bullets. I bought my youngest son a Rem 700 LSS Mountain Rifle in .260 Rem about 7-8yrs ago. He and I "shifted ownership" of a couple of rifles during the Christmas holidays. I let him hold my .25-06 Sendero and he left me the .260 Mtn Rifle. I just finished reloading some 100gn Partitions for it about an hour ago. Will try them tomorrow if the weather breaks.
If it were me building a custom rig, I go with 1-8" and at least 26" long barrel. Some may say different. JohnnyK.
Berger suggests a 1 in 9 for the 140 vld. This would be my bullet of choice.

Remington uses a 1 in 9"
CZ chambers the 6.5 x55, a slightly larger case. Twist rate is 1 in 8.6".
Berger says 1-9, but I thought most people think that 1-8.5 is better. 1-9 is the minimum and may not fully stabilize the 140's in all weather conditions. That’s why most shoot 1-8s.

Bergers numbers are based on the lowest reasonble muzzle velocity and the densest air likely.
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