260 rem in a Brux barrel, WOW


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Jan 30, 2005
I had some parts laying around the shop, and was wanting a good practical 600 yard gun so I built a 260 throated for 140's with a no turn match chamber.
I put the barrel on my demo Rem action that I leave on the counter to show customers action "blueprinting" and sako extractors. I had a sporter HS stock that sat on the shelf for the better part of 6 months. The Brux was a #6 8 twist cut at 24". No bedding yet just bolt into the HS. Thought I would shoot it before blast and coating. Had some 123 grain scenars loaded up as fireform loads for my 260AI.

This 260 will be a nice little practical walking deer rifle with some legs for that occasional long range shot.

Shoot #1, and clean with Boretech Eliminator, adjust the Weaver Tactical onto paper. Finish up the cleaning with 2 drops of Kroil on a patch.

Shoot #2, Push 3 Eliminator patches down the bore over the next 10 minutes. Dry patch and then a Kroil patch. Adjust the Weaver once more.

Shoot the next #3-#7, because I was already tired of cleaning.

Including the first bullet out of the clean bore, the group went under .300" WOW. I even loaded #8 and was going to go for a 10 shot group, but changed my mind as I looked through the scope at that nice little group.

And all this off the bench, bipod and rear bag, and no load development, I think I got a keeper.

I'm going to bore scope the barrel tomorrow before cleaning to see where and the amount of fouling in the barrel.
I took the rifle in the shop to clean and inspect. Bore scope showed the normal powder residue in the bore and I could see no copper.

I ran 2 patches with boretech through the bore and rescoped, about half the powder fouling was gone, still no visable copper.

I pushed a brush with a wet patch down the bore and back twice. Rescoped and the powder fouling was gone and seen one very faint little shadow of copper on one land for about a quarter inch.

This barrel has impressed the heck out of me. I have one of their barrels on my personal .223 and it shoots ragged holes after 120 rounds. Very little fouling and amazing accuracy. Norman and Ken are making great stuff.
I like my Brux

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