260 Rem and RL17 load questions


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Oct 23, 2011
I've been trying to develop some loads for my 260 Rem in a Savage model 11 long range hunter 24" barrel with 1:8 twist using 140gr and 142 gr SMK's and WLR primers. Using near maximum published charges I've found that H4350 is more accurate then H4831sc with similar velocities and no pressure signs.

Then I started playing with Reloder 17. I loaded some 140 SMK's with 40.0gr and quit after the second shot because of major pressure signs.

I've heard lots of good things about RL17, but right now I'm wondering if I should pursue testing loads with it or abandon it. I'm definitely going to pull the rest of this batch apart and re-evalute this powder.

My questions are:

Is anyone else reloading for a 260 using RL17?

Is anyone else having pressure issues, or heard of pressure issues, with RL17?

If you're using RL17, what are your loads/charge weights?


Dec 10, 2011
I'm shooting a Stevens 200 w' Criterion 26" 1 in 8 .260. Since the last election when powder, primers dried up I no longer rely on just one load. So I used H4350, IMR4350 and RL-17 so far with Amax and Barnes Match 140 gr bullets. All loads are roughly pushing 2875 fps.

43.0 gr RL17/ 140 gr Barnes Burner/ Win .243 case/ cci200/ 2.87 oal

43.5 gr IMR4350/ 140 Barnes Burner/ win .243 case/ cci 200/ 2.87 oal

44.2 gr H4350/ 140 Amax/ Rem .260 case/ gm210m/ 2.88 oal

These have been shot in ladder test and worked up higher with no pressure, but these were my accuracy loads. I'm now playing with bullet seating depth.

Are you in the lands or off and by how much. Also some say winchester has a soft cup on there primers. Are your pressure signs primer cratering/flattening or sticky bolt lift?
I had pressure issues in the past with this gun but the headspace was off by .005. Re-headspaced it at .002 and no pressure issues. Hope this helps.


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Feb 22, 2008
Memphis Tn
I have had some experience loading for the 260 Rem using RL-17 powder. I have not tried it with bullets over 120 grains, but with 120 Barnes TTSX I have developed a great load. This is the load I took with me deer hunting in Neb. last Nov.. My load is 120 TTSX, RP cases, 44.0 grains of RL-17, Fed. 210 primers, COL 2.80. My velocity out of a 22 inch Hart barrel is just over 2900 ft/sec and the accuracy is very good.

Right now I am playing with 142 grains Sierra Match bullets, and I am using RL-19 for these loads. I have not shot these over the chrono yet so I am not sure of my velocity. However this is a very accurate load. 142 SMK's RP cases 44.5 grains of RL-19, Fed 210 primers, COL 2.80.

I have had no pressure sighs with either of these loads.
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