.260 or 6.5-284 in a relatively light Savage. Any suggestions?


Jan 17, 2010
Shenandoah Valley, VA
I am new to the forum and appreciate many jewels of wisdom I've read already from many. I am an experienced hunter of over 40 years in the field having self built my last light rifle on a Rem Mod 7 Stainless 7mm-08 with Brown Precision Stock. All steel Cryo treated for stress relief. Shoots to 0.6 moa with its preferred loads. Longest Deer taken at 312yds. 3 yrs ago. It's the fastest little woods rifle besides my Mod 600 in .308 I've ever used.
Now I'm interested in creating a specialty LR Rifle but on a budget, thus a Savage. I think they are uglier than a post, but with the floating bolt head, and good trigger of late have merit with accuracy out of the box. The Mod 11 LR Hunter in .308 would have to be rebarreled to .260 Rem as would be my caliber preference. The Mod 111 is in 6.5-284 , more of a good thing but 26inch bbl. I would prefer 28in but so what right? I'm not wild about the accelerated wear factor with the latter caliber not to mention increased cost of brass, though better brass it may be from Norma. The other thing I like and hate about the Mod 11 and 111 is the Karsten adjustible comb with the exposed big old knobs that will forever be in the way. I suppose that's fixable though.
I have considered the Savage Mod 12 F/TR rebarreled to .260 Rem or 6.5-284 in a light Palma barrel 28 inch and restocking but that defeats the purpose of the target rifle base. Remember, I want to be able to carry this more than shoot it. I'm only 56, but I won't be 55 on my next birthday either. Just thinkin ahead!
I'd love to go custom like so many of you, but right now economics dictate otherwise. Those of you who have gone before, I beseech your guidance and the wisdom of your past experience, as there is no substitute for experience. My ultimate goal is a moderately light very accurate base from which to build supremely accurate hunting loads for Deer / Antelope and like size table fare.
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