257wby wby vs norma brass.


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Jan 7, 2011
I have a 28" Number 1 .257 Wea, should be interesting. Have any you used the 92 on Deer or Hogs?
I'm shooting the 98 shocks. Have'nt tried the 92s but last year I shot a 200 +lb hog a hair over 250 yds and the 98 lifted him off his feet. Laid on his side and wiggled a few times. Core and 2 petals exited, 3rd petal stuck just under hide on exit side. It was impressive for a sub 100 gr quarter bore.


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Apr 4, 2005
I had some interesting results yesterday. I have some 257wby brass that was fire formed wby and norma brass. The norma seems way softer. Anyway I loaded 2 wby and 2 norma. Everything is exactly the same except head stamping. I forgot to take pictures of chrono reading. Wby brass was 4083 and 4068. Norma was 3865 and 3888. I think lol. But dang what a velocity drop. I figured it would be closer.

Would be interesting to compare the weights of the two different casings.
I expect the Wby cases to weigh more than the Norma cases. If so, the Wby cases would have less internal capacity, and will therefore pressure up and launch bullets faster with identical powder charges.

You could also weigh the water capacity of both cases to verify differences in internal case capacity.

Of course, it's also possible the two cases have somewhat similar weight and capacity, with the Norma cases having soft case heads. Much less able to endure identical pressures. So they deform at lower pressure than the Wby cases.

But with the ~200fps diff in MV, I think you'll find a notable difference in casing weight and internal case capacity. When I've experienced such big differences in MV with .223 casings from different brand of manufacture, casing weights were significantly different.
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