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Feb 8, 2002
Jackson MI
I just ran into a good deal on a new Weatherby Acumark in 257. Looking at it on paper it looks like it would fall between a 25-06 and a 6.5-284 balistically. Does any one have any experience with them? I am looking for a 5-700 yard deer rifle that can be shot off a bench or any handy rest, including a bi-pod. The store owner offered it to me $260 less than a used one that I saw at Cabela's last week. I haven't heard much about Weatherby's accuracy and I don't want to buy if it won't shoot good enough. Any input?

Hi Rick
I have a friend in Eaton Rapids that has one of the Weatherby Acumarks in .257 his has a brake on it. His shoots good. Last year he took a Prairie Dog at 600 yards on his 2nd try with that rifle. I have shot it and I think it is a good choice. You could build a 25-06 IMP that would do the same thing though. You could build that on the 22-250 action you have make it a switch barrel
The Nosler in 120g would be your best choice.
Crow Mag
I liked the Weatherby because it is a LH stock. I have a Savage LH but it's wood stock is what you would expect from Savage. The Weatherby is a similar material to my Rem, the hard, rigid material, not the soft flexible material used on a lot of synthetic stocks. I had never used a gun with a cheek piece on the correct side
If somebody doesn't hurry up and tlk me out of this...
If you like the rifle and price, go for it. There is nothing wrong with the rifle in question. With newer bullets, this rocket can be very effective out to the ranges you describe. Just watch short range stuff and over expansion.

Should make a very nice whitetail set up. As usual, I will pitch the SST bullets as a good mid/long range bullet. Not sure how they would be with impact vel over 3200fps.


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