257 Hot Tamale


Jan 29, 2022
Downsville Louisiana
I have this rifle made by James Ferguson which is decreased he always made my ammunition. I use to reload have all the equipment now I have all the components after a year just never brought a 7mmStw to a 257 I bought a second set set of dies 260 because they said you might need to go 2 steps 🤷 Any info would be


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Jun 3, 2013
When necking that big of a reduction, I would go more than 2 steps personally. .284 to .257 is a lot.
Do you have the .257STW die already?
You might be able to borrow a .264WM die and just run the neck into it. Then final step down to .257.
Going that much, check neck thickness. You might want/need to turn necks.

If you could order a bushing FL die, then you could just order bushings and neck down in more than 2 steps.
7STW is probably around a .312 bushing.
.257 would probably need a .284-285 bushing.
I would go .305, .298, .291, .284.
Then, run a .255" expanding mandrel and see how your neck concentricity is.


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Jun 12, 2004
Fort Shaw, Montana
First off, dont expect to see the CLAIMED 4100 fps with 100 gr bullets that he always said this round would produce. Good lord the battles those claims started. This is a 3800-3850 fps round with 100 gr bullets in 26-28" barrels. Some 30" barrels will get into the low 3900 fps range.

Know this because i have shipped dozens of these 257 STW rifles. Unless your fine with one or two firings per case anyway.

You will be much happier knowing what is realistic to expect. The 257 stw is a great round. Used to load the old 130 gr bonded core wildcat to 3550 fps and it was an amazing sub 400 lb animal hammer.

Powders such as retumbo, magnum, rl25, rl26 and rl33 all work great. Would imagine you have a 10 twist so would be limited to 110, 115 or 120 gr. If it likes the 110 gr accubond, thats a great bullet. The new barnes lrx would also be good. Always found it a bit to much for the 115 gr berger other then for maybe pronghorn and smaller game or for ranges over 400 yards.