250 accubond out of a 338rum

I have the same problem/ just started load workup /My max load with retumbo 93.5 .020 off lands 3.060col messured off oj with stoneypoint 215 fed pr 100yd group .642 2950fps haven't shot enough to get spread. fired 94.5/ 95 retumbo .050 off lands no pressure signs. could not crono to cold. with reloader 25 up to 92.5 .020 off lands no pressure signs,nosler guide#6 lists 91rel25 max for the 250 partition/ my rifle has a 28" barrel / mag opened up to take 3.830 oal. the max for the 250 acc seems to be lower than other 250gr bullets please list any load work if you have had a chance to do any . thanks DKO​
thats very informative i recently purchased a 338 rum and would like to try 300gr sierra matchkings but having trouble finding load data, does anyone have any suggestions as to starting and max loads?
I shoot a M700 LSS 338 RUM with the Nosler 250 gr AB and 98.6 grs Retumbo for a MV of 2950 fps.


Recovered bullets from water jugs at 100 yds.

Recovered bullets from water jugs at 300 yds.

Exit wound on a small WT buck.

  1. is that out of a 26" stock chamber?
  2. How far off lands are you if its not stock
  3. today I tryed 95 retoumbo .030 off lands/fps about same as 93.5/didnt shoot as good 1.5 200YDs must be close to my max
  4. need to invest In a better crono/maybe new shooter?

Factory rifle, only change is Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. I load to just clear the magazine length, 3.638". This same charge weight with the 250 gr PT gave me a MV of 3024 fps.

good shooter.
my col is 3.780 .020 off the lands/
people are saying the retumbo lots vary .something else to worry about .
Though I new somelightbulbthing about reloading/till I found this Forum / lots of good info /THANKS TO ALL. DKO
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