SOLD/EXPIRED 250-3000, 1951 FN Mauser


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May 21, 2009
I purchased this beautiful and neat rifle last Fall with the intent or getting rid of the synthetic stock and returning it to it's previous glory with a new walnut stock. Still, this is a beautiful rifle made in Belgium by FN in 1951, and chambered in my all-time favorite caliber, .250-3000 (.250 Savage). It has crisp, double set triggers and beautiful engraving on the action and the bottom metal. The bluing isn't new, but has held up well and looks great. As you can see from the bolt, it hasn't been cycled much. There is bluing wear at the muzzle. The 24" barrel is similar to the Winchester sporter weight and has the original iron sights. It sits real well in the off-hand position. It is wearing a period correct B&L Balvar 2x8 power scope. The scope mount does hide some pretty engraving, but whatcha gonna do...!? After purchasing it, I took it to the range and fired three shots into an inch and a half or a bit less... then, put it away. I paid $795.00 and will need to get that plus actual shipping. I haven't been able to post photos, so if you will pm me or use my email [email protected] and send me your email, Ill send you a few photos.