25-06 long range load


Apr 9, 2002
I am looking for a longrange load for deer for my 25-06. The 115 gr Nosler BT with RL22 looks like a good one so far. Would I be better go with the Partition or a Barnes X. I would like go 400 to 500 yds. What is the best long range combo for the 25-06.
Hello Mark,

I'm a 25/06 fan and will be until Hell freezes over.

I'll not go into my loads as your rifle is an individual and you must work it up as such. My rifle loves IMR4350 & RL22.

I've had poor results with the Barnes bullets in all my quarterbores. The Nosler BT is a fine bullet, especially at the ranges you are considering. Avoid the heavy bones as even the 115 likes to come apart.

My preference is the Sierra 100 MK....I know....it's not a hunting bullet. The little Sierra pill has however, done a wonderful job for me over the last few years. I always wait for a lung shot. My max range is 700-800 yards due to my current skill level and equipment.

Be sure to test your loads at 300 yards or better before you trip to the field. Small calibre bullets are unforgiving at long range when considering wind drift. This is where the Sierra really shines.

I have had great reports with regard to the Hornady 117 SST but can offer no personal data regarding terminal performance at this time.

Good luck.
I use a 25-06 most the time, I'm a fan of 257 cal...

Mine is a Ruger MkII Target/Varmit model 26 inch stainless bbl...

it's a decent gun... topped with a Leupold 6.5-20x50..
Groups vairy depending on how long you let the barrel cool... it's a semi heavy barrel.. but shooting 3 shots at 200 yards in 2 minutes yeilds like 2.3 inch groups... 3 shots in 10-15 miniutes yields 0.95-1.00 inch groups at 200 yds.. 1/2 moa... okay, but nothing to brag about..

I have shot only 3 dif bullets, the 75 Sierra HP's, the Nosler 85 BT's, and Berger 115 VLD's
The Bergers are the most accurate...5/8 to 1/2 moa or less...
I seat the 115 VLD bullets just touching the lands... CCI BR-2 primers, Rem case (extensively prepped), 53.0 of Re-22
good case life...
You could go hotter if you back the bullet away from lands... but those VLD's work better from what people tell me seated touching or into the lands... I e-mailed Walt Berger, and he told me generally that is pretty much true..

The 85's are good, groups are between 5/8 and 1.1 MOA at 100... maybe 3/4 moa to 1.2 MOA at 400 yards, or less than MOA avg..
okay for 500-600 yard coyotes...
I use between 57-59/60 grns of H4831 with the 85's 0.010-0.020 off lands..
Vel is between 3705 down to 3450 fps... the faster is less accurate and hot..

The 115 Bergers might only leave at 3100-3200 fps, but by 400 yrds are faster, and keep the velocity for a LONG time...

I have not killed a yote with the Bergers, and do not know if they expand much, I know I have seen pics of poeple who use matchkings and get great results, anyway Terminal Velocity shock "kills", no 22-250, 220 Swift, 223 WSSM (with any bullet) can hold a candle in the velocity department to a 25-06 with 115's at over 500-600 yards..
at a range (700-800 yrds)where the hottest 22 centerfires would be bouncing off coyotes,
(or esp deer)
those 25 cal 115's would rip right "through
em" with no problem..

other calibers I am impressed with (but do not have yet) are .243/6mm and .264/6.5mm.....

anyway, enough with my jabber, WORK UP to the 53.0 Re-22 in 115-117 loads.. let us know you do.


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Got a good friend that just gave me an antelope report from his 700 .25-284. Shot his small buck in the head (i take it the only shot he had at >500 yds.), and killed it. I can't recall the exact distance. Another one was taken by his friend using the same gun at 490-some yds.-- kill, and slightly over 300--kill. He uses the 115 Nosler. But i'd bet that 117 SST would be fun to work with with a little OAL base-ogive sorting.

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Ok, so I shoot a stock 25-06 REM700 Sendero SF with 115 grain Nosler BT and Partitions using 61 grains of Retumbo into <0.5 MOA no problem with many groups 3/8 inch at 100.

Average velocity: 3160 fps, Es: 16, Sd: 6

So what would the max range be for deer using the 115 grain Partition at 3160 fps?

Couldn't get the 117 grain SST to group as well as the BT and Partition. 100 Grain Barnes XBT were 1 1/2 " at 100 yards.

Just got some Berger 115 grain VLDs. Haven't worked up a load for them yet.

Would the 115 grain Berger VLDs be any good on deer?


The Nosler 85 grain BT goes 3380 fps with 58 grains H4831SC pushing it and shoots <0.5 MOA also.

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My favorite LR load for my Ruger 25/06 was a 115g Combined Technology Silvertip, 57.5g of IMR-7828, Rem Nickel case, Fed 210, and OAL of 3.250". It would usually shoot 1/2" at 100 yards and was scooting along right at 3400fps. I shot the majority of my deer with them, farthest was 604 yards. I would recommend you start at about 48-49g if you intend to use this load, it is over the Nosler #4 by a couple grains.
Geeezzz, man that is one HOT load... a 25-06 shooting 115's at 3400 fps... your gun is in serious stress.... 3250 fps is pushing it with a 115-117...... 3400 fps is about 3000 ft lbs of muzzle energy.... allot for a 25-06..
be careful

Im in the process of testing new loads with VV powders, only 600 rounds left to go!! I have a custom 25 that absolutly love the Bergers 115 VLD. My old loads of 4895 and the before mentioned was devastaing on deer, even out to 500 yards. Agreed with the other posts, do some research and then test different loads to see what is going to work in your particular gun. The fun part is getting behind the butpad and seeing what you can do and how much diffence a grain or half will do as far as putting you in the same hole twice.
****!!!...Donham--i was thinkingthe same thing. I know i wouldnt be caught firing that gun. Im happy with 3000 out of my 24" tube 700SS DM. I could see 3200 tops with a 26" tube but you gotta be blowin 70,000psi.

How long do your cases last remington_25-06?
get any primer leakage?

i would only expect that from a 26" 257 weatherby.

The older reloading manuals printed before Lawyers took over actually show the 25-06 at some impressive velocities.I shoot the 25-06 alot and find it likes a hotter load much better than a middle of the road load you find in todays books.The Sierra 117 boattail shoots very well and has the highest bc in the Sierra line of 25 cal bullets.A warm load of RE22 or H4831 will give you good results out to the yardage you mentioned.
****!!!...Donham--i was thinkingthe same thing. I know i wouldnt be caught firing that gun. Im happy with 3000 out of my 24" tube 700SS DM. I could see 3200 tops with a 26" tube but you gotta be blowin 70,000psi.

How long do your cases last remington_25-06?
get any primer leakage?

i would only expect that from a 26" 257 weatherby.


I hear ya, thr 257 Wea can'ty even safly get 3400 fps from a 115...
On the other hand you can go up in powder charge somewhat, the manuals do kind of list most stuff a little under to be on the safe side for liability issues...
I have shot 85 Noslers at 3705 fps, with no pressure signs, or case stress..
now 115's at 3400 is pretty warm...

About the most I have heard is 3200-3250 fps case life is mediocore... and 3300 fps was a hot hot load.....
I have heard of 3400-3500 fps from 100 out of the 25-06.. hot loads...
I tend to used to like speeds and power... but I seem to have settled down to accept what I have... I don't have a 257 Weatherby, and don't needs the barrel burning powder capacity of a 300 win mag just to get 100 fps more... no animal on earth is going to notice a 25-06 from a 257 Weatherby both with
26 inch tubes.. yet the 257 burns like 20 grains more powder

I knew it was a hot load, but I started low and worked up to the real MAX load for my rifle. I never had any problems I could ever see. The bolt has been locked up before with other bullets working up to a MAX load, but this particular load was always safe in my rifle. Easy extraction, no split necks, not even a blown up gun! The barrel only went 2,800 rounds with regularly and proper cleaning before proven 1/2" groups were 1 1/2" groups. I threw away my cases after 8 firings because I wanted to buy new ones. They were looking real dirty and I dont have a case tumbler.
Man, if you're getting <.5 MOA at 3160 from that 25 115 then go out and shoot targets to 800 yds. or so-- find out what it'll do. What're you using for a scope??

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