25-06 Loads


Feb 12, 2004
Looking for loads using 120 Nosler Partition in a Win Mod 70 25-06. Will use on whitetails in Georgia out to 300 yds.
i'm using 100grain matchkings moly'd with 56grains of h4831sc.

it's only a 24" barrel making 3000fps, but it knocks the red stags down no worries. red stags weigh around 18stone....
I have had several 25 caliber firearms, and would like to offer a suggestion. 99% of 25-06's have a 1 in 10" twist, and with a 25-06, you don't have velocity to get a bullet weighing over 100 grains to stabilize very well. Yes, some can get the 115/120 grain stuff to group, but you will have better accuracy with a 100gr bullet and some 4831. If you go to a 257 weatherby or 257 stw, this is no longer a problem. Just my 2 cents.
My 25-06 REM 700 Sendero likes about 60 GR Retumbo and a 115 GR Partiton. In the 1/2 MOA range.

The 85 and 100 BT shoot great with H4831 SC.
I haven't had the best of luck with the 115gr in my .25-06 Sendero SF. I have only tried them once and have not shot anything over that weight yet.
I am currently using the 100gr Barnes Triple-Shock with 55.5gr of RL22 and 9.5M primers. Accuracy and terminal performance is mind boggling. Johnny K.
I don't shoot partition bullets because they're not particulary accurate.I shoot Sierra's and the 117 gr spitzer boattail has a better bc number than there other 25 caliber bullets and is very accurate.Having said that and the fact that you'll probaly stick with your bullet choce as most do.I would recommend you load it hot.The reason i say that is because the reloading manuals of today don't look like the reloading manuals of yester year.Lawyers have been getting the manuals put together not ballisticians.The 25-06 likes pressure to get best accuracy and sometimes that means exceeding the books max load for a given bullet.The older books you can get at gunshows will really show you what this cartridge is capable of.This cartridge isn't for everyone but as i have several of them and like them i'd say look for pressure signs like sticky bolt lift and popped primers as your indicator of pressure.If your a seasoned reloader you'll find a sweetspot near the top and best accuracy will be there also.
In my Sendero SF I couldn't get anything heavy to stabilize. I really like 58 gr RL 22 and a 100 gr NBT lit up by WLR primer
My brother uses a .25-06 on Kansas deer, quite a bit larger animal than the Georgia variety.

He's had excellent luck with 100 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips. Both accuracy wise and performance wise. He killed a big buck three years ago that went down almost in it's tracks at 400+ yards.
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