25-06 in Alabama

25-06 Lilja

Jan 23, 2010
I will be hunting with a 25-06 with a 26" barrel in Alabama next year. My shots will be from 50 to 350 yards. (woods and gasline) Which over the counter ammo would you use. I'm looking at solid bullets like the Hornady 110 gr GMX Superformance.
I shot quite a few animals with the 100 gr partition from just about those ranges. I was using a single shot rifle and handloading them but Nosler now makes them as a factory ammo offering.
There are lots of good choices at the ranges you mentioned. First of all, I would agree with Mark that you want to choose what is accurate in your rifle. I would also agree that the nosler partition is a great choice (providing it will shoot accurately) I have had rifles that didn't like them and some that did. I would also consider the nosler accubond at those ranges. They are usually very accurate and perform well at higher velocities....Good hunting.......Rich
To be a little more speific, between Fed and Win there are about half a dozen good bullets to choose from. Win has the 115 BST which I have loaded for my 25-06 and it did very well on an antelope buck for me this year. That would be where I would start. My next choices would be the Win 110 AB and the Fed 100 TSX.
If and when the hogs get up that far north in Alabama let me know. We still own in the extended family a good sized farm near Altoona.
25-06 thanks, what county do you reside?

BB they are a few in my county i'll check on hunting them, they may be some in Altoona not sure...
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