SOLD/EXPIRED 25-06 handloads.

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    Jan 12, 2011
    All loaded with once fired brass, CCI primers and 4350 IMR powder. You have 3 bullet choices.
    Hornady 75gr ballistic tip 3300 fps. Awesome varmint round. $23.00 for a box of 20.
    Sierra 100gr soft point @ 3200 fps. Excellent deer round. $21.00 for a box of 20.
    Sierra 90gr hollowpoint @ 3300 fps. Another awesome varmint or target round. $23.00 for a box of 20.
    I will also load YOUR 25-06 brass for $6 less per box of 20.

    Shipping is $5 for a single box or $12 for up to 500 rounds. Depending on order size I can get ammo loaded and shipped within 5 days. I only load ammo as ordered to keep everything fresh and new. ​