25.06 for Coyotes?


Dec 26, 2009
Lismore, MN
I am relatively new to coyote hunting. I have a 25-06 Weatherby. Is this an adaquate size rifle for coyotes or should i get a smaller caliber? I live in SW Minnesota where the wind blows all the time!!!
It is a great caliber for coyotes. I use a 270wsm usually for coyotes. but the 25-06 will buck the wind well for where you are. you may need to use hunting bullets if you are wanting the hide. cause obviously some bullets are going to tear up some hide.

I used to use a 25-06 Ruger M77 MarkII Target Rifle for windy days in the prarie dog towns. I would load 85 gr. Nosler Ballistic Tips at 3600' / sec.

The trajectory was very similar to my 220 swift with 55 gr loads @ 3750' / sec. but the wind bucking ability was what set the 25-06 a step above. WAY less wind drift at 400 and 500 yds!!

I did shoot a few coyotes with that load in 25-06. Didn't really tear them up any worse than the 220 Swift did.

Personally, I think the 25-06 is one of the best all around (varmints/predators, antelope/deer, even close range elk)
factory cartridges available today. 100 or more rounds a day at prarie dogs gets a little tough on the collar bone but overall very pleasant to shoot.
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I own a .223 also a 22-250 and a 25-06. I have used all three on coyotes and I prefer the 25-06.
The landscape I hunt is wide open and windy most of the time. I use the 115 g. balistic tip. Same load for coyotes and deer. I have thought about using a lighter bullet for coyotes but decided againts it. The heavier bullet bucks the wind great and I have really got familiar with this combo. Don't have to resight the gun or work up a different load. It works for me to keep it simple.
I am relatively new to coyote hunting. I have a 25-06 Weatherby. Is this an adaquate size rifle for coyotes or should i get a smaller caliber? I live in SW Minnesota where the wind blows all the time!!!

more than enough I would not hesitate using my daughters ruger to take one out to 600 yrds. she has two loads for this gun the 75 gr vmax and the nossler 100 gr balistic tip
how far are you looking to shot?
200 yds or closer.

At that close of distances, you won't notice any less wind drift with the 25-06 compared to the smaller fast 22's. At 200 or less, the .223 or other 22 centerfires will get yotes just as well as the 25-06. They would also be cheaper to shoot, quieter, and have less recoil. If you don't have a 22 CF, no need to buy one; the 25-06 will do the job. It probably will tear up more fur than the .204 or 223.......to each their own.
Good advice from all. 25-06 more than enough cartridge and will take you way out there.
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I also use a 25/06 Ruger77 Stainless with the 24 inch barrel for coyotes and deer. It shoots Identical to my 6mm rem's and I personaly can't tell the difference in the two calibers only that the 6's are a little more accurate in my expeirence's with them. With the 75grn Vmax, 85 grn BT and Hornadys 87 grn spire point they are all equally deadly on the yotes in the 06. At 3500 fps to 3700 they are flat shooting enough to surpass most all of the 22's and buck the wind better. And step up to the 90 weights and above for the deer and elk hunts making it a versatile rd indeed. I think you picked an excellant choice for coyotes.
A dead coyote is a dead coyote regardless of what it is shot with. Unless you are pelt hunting or hunting several areas relatively close where a smaller cal would benefit by making less noise. I shoot a coyotes with a custom 7mm with 168 Bergers and a 257 Wby with 115 Bergers
+1, with previous replies.
25-06 good caliber for predators.
If you dont want to damage too much the pelts choose a hard point bullet and it will do just fine. I just hunted 3 of them these past weekend with a 25-06 and it worked very well.
Not one thing wrong with the ought-six unless you have a need to save the skin. This is a favorite cartridge for antelopes, often requiring long-range shots, but it is just fine for smaller animals as well. I use either a .270 or a .22-250 for coyotes. Either cartridge nails 'em. It depends on which rifle I have sighted in and for which I have some reloads available. I don't save the hides and don't care what I shoot them with. I prefer the .270, merely because it weighs a lot less than the 250 and is a repeater, whereas the 250 is a single shot, far heavier and set up for bench rest. If I had my druthers, I would buy an AR-15 type rifle in .243, but our genius politicians in California have outlawed purchase of these types of so-called "assault weapons." As a result, I am considering a .243 in a Browning BAR or Savage bolt action. Haven't decided yet, but I have more than enough rifles to take care of Wily.
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