25-06 90 gr Sierra Blitzking load data

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    Jan 24, 2012
    Thanks for reading guys, and gals. This is my first post on this site however I read a lot of forums from here and always find the best information.

    I am in need of the Load Data for the 90 gr Sierra Blitzking .257 for a 25-06. I am ordering the Sierra Manual but would like to get my loads ready for the range this weekend. I will be shooting them from my shiny new Remington XCR II 25-06. I currently have IMR4831 and IMR7828SSC to work with but if I see something better/different I can get it.

    I have already completed the "Break In" and now I am ready to get it zeroed.
  2. Gene R.

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    Jul 9, 2011
    I was just comparing data in 25-06 & AI against the 257 weatherby. intresting data with some being impresive and some not so for powder volumes to fps.
    Anyway here ya go per the sie fifth edition. imr 4831, 47.7grs @3000 fps, 49.5 @3100, 51.3 @3200, 53.1 @3300, 54.9 grs max @3400. Accuracy for all powders tested was load 53.1grs @3300
    Read the descriptions and apps for bullets on game in front of manuel for the .257. I found some of there recommendation odd. Like the 90 gr for medium sizes game. ? think i'd go with 100 or more and not a hollow point.
    I just put my abolt 25-06 back together after doing some work on it. I want to give the 100 sbt sierra and 110 accu 100 btips a try. 115 silver tips were the previous load i used with avg groups. let me know how it works out with the 90's

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    Aug 22, 2009
    How is your prograss on those loads?

    I have been working on the same bullet just recently.
    My reason is performance.

    My coyote load has been the 85 Ballistic tips, or the last 8 years the Berger 115 VLD at 3200 fps.
    after a few years off of hunting, I have witnessed the explosive power of what the Vmax does to coyotes.

    And other thin skinned bullets like the Varmint Nosler BT (like the 85's I used to use), Speer TNT and Sierra Blitzking.

    Those ultra thin jacket bullets explode like a shrapnel grenade once they penetrate the inside of a coyote, a combination of velocity and fragile construction.

    Almost EVERY song dog dies right on the spot, even out of a .223

    I like the Sierra 90 Blitzking, as it has a BC of .388, making it the hands down best of all varmint bullets excepet the 87 Vmax in .243 caliber (.400 bc)

    Back to the Sierra Blitzking, they have a thin jacket up front, so reloading them can be a pain, as the bullet can take damage when bullet seating (in my Redding bullet seater). the case necks have to be trimmed thin, as I have a small expander ball for tighter bullet seating in my bullet dye.

    My loads I am just working up

    Rifle 25-06 ruger M77 MkII 26 inch bbl

    90 Sierra Blitzking

    Rem Brass, CCI BR-2 primmer
    all 20 Brass weight is 199.5 grains (I sort my brass)
    Flash hole debur, primer pocket uniform
    outside necks turned

    H4350 56.0 =3615 fps (15 ft from muzzle)
    -this is an old powder lot-
    groups 3 shots into 0.85 inches @ 100 -0.035 off

    H4350 55.0 ???? fps (chrono would not work getting late) 0.025 off
    -same old lot of powder-
    groups 3 shots into 0.54 inches @ 100

    Reloder 19,
    56.0 = 3437 fps
    57.0 = 3477 fps
    58.0 = 3560 fps
    60.0 = 3652 fps

    Not grouped yet

    H4350 Ext (new lot) 0.020 off rifling
    55.0 = 3572 fps
    groups 3 shots into 0.53 at 100 yrds

    shooting all off a portable bench that wobbles some is not easy.

    not as good as the VLD's groups, but not bad.
    my last 115 VLD group was a 0.50 inch 3 shot groups at 200 yard with the 115 VLD's., but the groups above are still respectable.

    90 Blitz
    my goal is to keep the loads around 3500 fps or just over, as accuracy seems to be better in the 10 twist,
    if not pushed to over 3550 fps. I was testing loads in 85-90 temps. so I hope around fall winter the FPS drops to 3540-3520 fps or less.

    my nosler 85 BT's never would group well at high speed, loaded them to 3705 fps and was 1.5 moa, back them down to 3400 fps and 0.75 moa, but that was using H4841.
    These 90's blasting out to almost 3700 fps still under 1 inch at 100 yrds are impressive for a bullet that is almost .4 bc, But 3500 fps is good enough for 90's, and at 3500 fps brass life will be better, and less stress on gun, more accurate too.

    (loads safe in my rifle, my factory 25-06 seems to have a tighter neck than others and the fireformed body has larger than norm dimentions (not it is not a improved) and fireformed necks smaller dia.)

    No real signs of pressure except flat primmer s, all loads have flat primmer s in my 25-06 w rem brass.
    loads are MAX book listed, but dif lots of powder require new testing.

    Use cation, and reduce loads 4.0-5.0 grains and work up slowly.

    Hope your loads are working out for you, let us know!

    have a great day
  4. Texote

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    Oct 1, 2012
    Any updates on loads with the 90grainers?
  5. scottyd2506

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    Aug 22, 2009

    I've been testing the 90's at long range, and launching them at 3550 fps they are good to 400 yards. a 2.25 inch 425 yard group.. the problem is most 25-06 are 10 twist, so a shorter bullet spun to fast can cause problems at longer ranges.
    Shooting at 625 yards the bullets are about a ft low and a ft to the right from my 200 yard zero.. bullet RPM's are high enough to never let the bullet go to sleep and nose down in the flight path so bullets are pointing slightly upward while the bullet is traveling down killing off the BC of the bullet.

    The solution is to either slow them down or buy a 12 twist. I opted for the former and slowed the down to 3430 fps and have yet to test them at 600 yards.
    The 115 Bergers are probably better suited for the role. but the quick killing power on coyote sized game with the thin skinned bullets are hard to give up.
    these bullets dump all of the energy of the 25-06 into my coyote. like an oversized 22-250/220 swift. They are DRT.
  6. motown

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    Jun 19, 2012
    Scottyd did you ever get back out to 600 yards to test these after reducing the velocity? Anybody else have any other load data on these?
  7. scottyd2506

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    Aug 22, 2009

    No I have not. I loaded some up and never got back out with them.. I went back the the Berger 115's for longer range, the gun has many rounds through it and the throat is eroded. I hit a 10 inch steel plate at 800 yrds, once out of 5 rounds.. it used to be more accurate. But needs a new barrel..
    Those 90's are absolute death on coyotes through
    I've been shooting my Ar-10 308 out to 1000 yards on an 16 inch steel plate and having fun. But I'll get back out with the 25-06 sometimes and let you know.
  8. motown

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    Jun 19, 2012

    Would you happen to be willing to tell what loads shot best for you?
  9. NorthernWhitetails

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    Feb 22, 2012
    Well this thread is going onto 3 years old but thought it may be worth reviving?
    After shooting a .243 at coyotes for the last 25 years mostly over bait, we avg about 10 per winter.
    I picked up a Stainless SPS model 700 in 25/06 a couple of years ago to rig up for something with more steam out past 300 yds. I had used both Vmax and Varmageddons in the 243 with great sucess. I tryed a bunch of different powders and got similar velocitys to the ones posted here
    .Problem was, Alot of the bullets I tryed were just tooooo hard to expand correctly on a coyote, so All of the higher BC heavier than 110 gr bullets simply passed thru 99% of them. My bait is out on the lake and exactly 300 yds from my bench. We commonly are bucking 15 /30kt crosswinds. So the lightweight varmit bullets that work perfectly out to a couple hundred yds ,are hopeless for us trying them at 4/500 with these winds.
    Anyway I finally found these 90grBK bullets, after messing with about a dozen others, and can say
    Without reservation, that with out a doubt this is the finest LR coyote bullet we have ever used PERIOD. If your are looking for a LR bullet for coyotes, and like instantaneous kills out at 500 yds,This BiltzKING bullet is your huckleberry! ! From 3 to 500yds bang flop everytime gun)
    And if hyper velocity is your thing ,again after trying every powder I had a guy told me about RL 25
    And a 25/06 , and he was right that is the superformance load for this caliber no question about it.
    It added over 100 fps to every load I had. If you want to push the envelope 3800 is possible with that
    Powder! Dont ask how I know that, and you dont have to use both hands to pick the bolt up either.
    The twist in the Rem barrel seamed to like 3600 better with these 90gr BK better in my gun .
    If there is a better LR combo in 257 cal without going into magnum recoil, I have not seen it.
    For us its the 90gr BK and 60grs of RL25 all the way. This ad was approved by the candidate. :D