25/06 115 VLD with Retumbo powder


May 25, 2008
Central KY
I have worked up a load with the Berger 115 gr. Vld and 59.5 grs. of retumbo in a Savage 112 26” stainless barrel that’s shooting 1/4 “ groups or less at 100 yds. I do not have access to a chrono, but was estimating the velocity to be around 3075 fps. using the Hodgdon manual and what Berger sent me to come to this number. I was looking at some other loads published on here and other sites and was seeing a big difference in the velocities, + 200 fps on some loads. Could some of you give me a better estimate of what my velocity should be? Also has anyone notice how dirty your barrel will get shooting retumbo powder? Seems worse to me than shooting other powders.
I have tried that exact same load in my Savage 112 25-06 and the best I could get at 200 yards was 1 1/2". Are you jumping the bullet or touching the lands?

My chrony said that load was going about 3130fps. I didn't notice retumbo being dirtier but, i did seem to heat my barrel up faster than H4350.

If you check the Nosler site, they list the 110 g bullet getting 3267 with 59 g of retumbo in a 24" barrel. I was getting just over 3300 in my 26" barrel with about the same load. With a 115 g bullet you can expect about 80-90 fps less. I'm guessing you should be getting close to 3200 fps or more with 59.5 g of Retumbo and the 115 VLD out of a 26" barrel. Your drops will confirm whatever getting.

With RL17, I was getting just about 3510 with the 110 and 3405 with the 115 Ballistic silvertip.

I use the rcbs precision mic and home made modified case to seat the bullet just touching the lands. C.o.a.l. was running 3.315 if I remember right and can still feed thru the magazine. I’m still holding groups a little under an inch at 200 yds.
The difference in drop is what got me to looking at my velocity. I had used JBM ballistics calculator to see where I should be at 200 and 300 yds. but there was about 1.250” difference at 200 yds. Haven’t shot 300 yds. yet.
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