25-06 115 grain Accubond with H1000

Winchester Magnum Rifle Powder. Long time ago I traded for 16 pounds of the stuff, and had a good load for several rifles I own. But I ran out a couple years ago, and now I am running out of loaded rounds. I load for all the family, and some of them shoot a lot. The reason I wanted to use H1000, because it works in the other guns I load for. That way I would buy 1-8 pounder, when I find primers.
What I want to load with the H1000,

8mm Rem Mag,
7mm Rem Mag,
7 STW,
300 Win Mag,
270 Win,
I use 115 Gr Nosler Ballistic tips and 120 Gr. Nosler Partitions and H 1000 is the best consistant groups that I can get.
don't use h-1000 in .2506 but use h-4831 sc 51gr win brass win lrp berger 115vld get .025 or less at 100 yards 3000fps on --- 7mag h1000 70.5gr win brass fed215m primer berger 168vld 3000fps
When I started loading for my 25-06 I didn't listen to my friend. I thought I could throw rocks and get a tighter group. Talke to my friend and he said "Use the 115-117grn Sierra bullet and IMR-4831 and it will shoot". I went to my manual, picked a middle range load, 51grns IMR-4831 and went to the range. After three shoots I was really unhappy. I could only see one shot. After I fired five rounds I went to look at the target. Five rounds outside to outside .387inches. I stopped looking for a load. Chronographed at 3128 fps avg.
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I've got an Ackley-ized 25-06 and tried H-1000 with the Accubond and couldn't get the groups I wanted. IMR-7828SSC worked great for me. I'm still tayloring it but the first charge with the 7828 was better than the 15-20 I tried with H-1000. Like you I wanted it to work because I already had about nine pounds of it.
I bought a 25-06 this year and did a lot of looking online to see what others said would work at 100+ grains. It seems like most every powder in the IMR 4350 and slower range has been recommended. I settled in on IMR 4831 with the Berger 115 Hunting VLD bullets, but will be looking for loads to try with 110 Accubonds and 100 Gr TSX's. I will be starting with IMR 4831 and 4350, along with RL17, 19, and 22, as well as H1000 and Retumbo. Somehting in there should work.

Good Luck and report back.
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