Mar 30, 2002
Irish hills, Michigan
I have a Savage 12BVSS in .243WIN on layaway.When it comes out it will be re-chambered for .243AI. My question is will the Stoney point OAL gauge still work with it? They sell a modified .243WIN case but not a .243AI case. If I am thinking right the re-chambering to AI from WIN the only real change is shoulder angle and capacity so the standard .243 case should work. Right?


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Jun 18, 2001
N. Dakota
I just got one of those for X-mas and am thinking that std cases will work fine as I have 2 Ackleys. All we are looking for is a datum point where the rifling is engaged. From that datum point it is just a measurement of either -0.0xx or +0.0xx. frankly I don't see why it should matter.

Why haven't I tested it yet, I still gotta obtain the std case for my Ackleys. I am also thinking about just buying a tap and make my own. Just gotta sit down and figure out thread size/pitch.. Ain't been home much

Anyhow, I agree with your thinking as it is only minor shoulder & neck changes that take place, therefore std cases should work fine.



Like Monte said, you can send a fired case to Stoney Point and they will make you a Modified case. If you want to do it yourself, the thread pitch is 5/16-36 TPI. You will need to do it in a lathe, we have not been very successful turning it by hand, it is very hard to keep it straight in the brass.
I have sent fired Ackley cases to S.P. and their turnaround time is less than a week. Good Luck--CJ


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Jan 21, 2002
Wenatchee, WA
Another option might be to get a comparator from Sinclair's. Their model uses cases fire-formed in your particular chamber, for a (slightly) more accurate fit. Myself, I don't have an AI chambers (yet), so I just use a regular Stoney Point tool. Also, IIRC, Stoney Point will take a fire-formed case from your gun and drill-n-tap it for you to fit the tool (or you could have a local machine shop do it for you) for a small fee.



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