243 winchester


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Dec 17, 2007
The wife got me a tikka t3 for Christmas. I've been trying to find some loads for the 87gr Vmax. I have Lapua brass and a box of bullets laying on the bench but I can't seem to find a commonly used powder. I've read everything from Varget to H4831. Is there a "go to" powder for this bullet in the 243? What's working for everyone? I'm itchin to get a load put together and go put the smackdown on some yotes around my house
As long as I can get minute of yote to about 500-600 yds, I'm happy. I'd like to get that with max velocity since the wind doesn't want to back off in Wyoming this winter.
i have killed over 250 mostly with a .243 and 85 hpbt and 37.5 of I4064 or 44 of I-4350
I have one remington rifle that shoots 5 shots into half inch groups with 85 grain Sierra HPBT's with 43.0 grains of IMR 4350 and another remington 700 BDL that shoots 5 shots into 5/8 inch groups with 100 grain Sierra Pro Hunters and 45.0 grains of VVN560. Bullets are seated around .0010 off the lands. With the IMR powder I use federal 215 magnum primers and with the VVN560 I use federal 210 large rifle primers. Give these a try and see if one of them work for you.
What's the purpose with using the magnum primers? Do they help produce lower SDs?
In my remington 700 ADL I use 43.2 gr of imr 4831 for 87gr vmax bullets with a federal 210m primer .002 off the lands with wonderful accuracy!3 shots under a dime at 150 yards. for some reason my gun wont shoot anything with 4064 or varget. RL-19 works well for that bullet too.
I recently got a Savage 243 and after much research I learned that H414 was a great powder for the 87 vmax among varminters. I worked up a load of 45.3gr H414 with a CCI200 primer for mine. Velocity is around 3270, no pressure signs at all in my gun.
I've heard good things about H414. I also heard it was very temp sensitive. Does anyone know much about that?
I used some AA-3100 for some fireform loads with the 87 V-maxs...1/2" 3-shot groups at 100, and a 2" 2-shot group at 585...
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