243 Win, 105 VLD & Rem 700 BDL


May 3, 2012
Can a Berger 105 gr VLD be loaded to standard Rem BDL box length in a 243 Win and still allow for seating it to maximum accuracy? Or will it be too long to feed correctly? What about the 115 gr VLD? Can anyone shed some light on chamber dimension considerations?

Thanks for any info! :)
Rack- individual chambers vary . a hornady oal compartor will tell you cheaply. the probabilty that your 700 will stabilize either one of those is very very low. a 105 amax maybe. if you have an 8 twist krieger on there then you are good to go with the 105 bergers.
I have a brand new remington 700 action with BDL bottom metal. I haven't purchased the barrel yet although the Krieger you mentioned is at the top of my list. I'm interested in 243 Win and Berger VLD Hunting bullets. So this thread is to help me learn which way to go.
Thanks for the response.
i am not sure what twist you need for a 115. more info over at 6mmbr.com. your gunsmith can cut the chamber to fit the length you want.
105's like a 1:8 twist, can be used in less. 115 recommended twist is 7.5 or better. But, can be stabilized in less twist. It will most likely depend on the velocity that you run them at.
load your bullet to length that is compatible to your magizine. have your gunsmith cut the chamber to that or a little under.
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