SOLD/EXPIRED 243 Super Rock Chucker

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by dk17hmr, Mar 29, 2010.

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    Nov 15, 2009
    Not sure if I really want to sell this rifle because it is such a good shooter with light weight bullets....but it takes up so much room in my safe and it weighs to much to be packing around in the desert coyote hunting also just got a 6x45 and dont really need to 6mm wildcats. This is a 25-06 necked down and blown out, I use 270 brass and trim it because I have a 25-06 and didnt want to get things mixed up.

    30" Hart stainless barrel 1:10 twist
    Interarms Mark X action
    Fajen Bench Rest stock bedded
    EGW 0MOA mount
    RCBS 2 die set
    whatever brass I have formed

    (girlfriend, rings, and Leupold scope not included)

    This rifle shoots Hornady 75gr HP's at 3744fps pushed by H4831SC into sub 1/2MOA groups. With a 100 yard zero it takes 7MOA for a 500 yard zero. I dont know how many rounds are through it because I got it in a trade, I have about 400 rounds through it, with p-dog kills at close to 800 yards with it and was about 3" at close to 1100 yards of getting a kill. I tried heavier bullets but with not luck. 75gr was the heaviest I could get to shoot well enough for my picky standards. 95-100gr would do about 1" at 100 yards, 58gr V-max would do sub 1/2" at over 4000 fps, I didnt shoot many of those for fear of derifling the barrel. 70gr SMK's and 70gr Nosler Ballistic tips probably shoot the best around 3850fps.

    More pictures can be taken, gauging intrest.....would like to get $1000 or I would also be intersted in a 5" XD 40 plus cash, Savage F-Class or Freedom Arms Revolver for trade looking to do a Face to Face in SW Wyoming but I go to Salt Lake City once in a while also.

    Short video, 500 yard steel gong
    Bulletmolds015.flv video by dk17hmr - Photobucket
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