243 loads


Apr 14, 2009
Just wondering if anyone has any good loads for a 243. Im looking for a good load to yote hunt with.I'm shooting a rem. 700 with a 1 in 9 twist. Thanks
If you get twenty responses they will all be different.

I could tell you mine but, if you actually loaded it, you would only be loading for my rifle. You may as well pick a 100 gr. bullet, take a look at your manual to choose an effective powder and start developing what shoots in YOUR rifle, not ours.
My wife loads 95 gr ct ballistic tips with 42 gr of rl22 and cci 200 primer. shoots sub moa groups. But boomtube is right. Thats her gun not yours. A good study she is, and it took several tries and loads from a book to get it right. Happy loadinggun)
An old standby load for 243 is a 100 grain cup and core bullet loaded with 40 grains of IMR4350 and Win LRP, these usually shoot very good with the bullet seated all the way to the rifling.
Each rifle is definately different but I have used a load that has worked very good in at least three .243's. It's the 85 - 90gn bullet range ahead of 44.0gn of IMR4831. I have used 85gn HP's, 87gn VMax's, 90gn FMJ's and 90gn Ballistic Tips and accuracy has been sub 1/2" with each. I vary the powder charge +/- .5gn to find the sweet spot and I have always used CCI BR2 primers.
Right now I'm shooting the 95gn Ballistic Tip in front of 44.0gn of VihtVuori N560 and the BR2. The first load I shot with this combo, literally the first three bullets, was in the low .2's. I like load development like that! Hope these work for you. JohnnyK.
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