243 Brass and dies


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Apr 16, 2008
I have the following items for sale. All of the brass was fired form a bolt gun, no gas gun dents.


- 382 pieces Lapua 243. 308 pieces are 2x fired and have been deprimed and SS tumbled. 74 pieces are 1x fired and have been tumbled, sized, and trimmed/chamfered on a Giraud trimmer and dry tumbled to remove lube and brass shavings from trimming. $250 shipped which is $.65 each and free shipping. All the same lot and includes the original bins.

- 1000 pieces Starline 243. New sealed in 2x 500 pc cases. $400 shipped for the 1000 or $225 shipped per 500

- 436 pieces Starline 243. 364 pieces are 1x fired and have been deprimed and SS tumbled. 72 pieces are new and have been ran through a bushing sizer and then mandrel in two steps to set neck tension and trimmed on a Giraud. $140 shipped which is $.32/pc and free shipping. Same lot as the 1000 piece of new.

- 292 pieces misc 243. All deprimed, SS tumbled and sorted by headstamp. 130 pieces of Hornady 1x fired, 100 pieces of Winchester 1x fired, and 62 pieces of GFL (fiocchi) 1x fired. About half of the fiocchi was sized up to 260 and fired in a 260 chamber. $90 shipped which is $.30/pc and free shipping.


- *SOLD* 900 + 115gr DTAC RBT's. These are the naked/non coated variant. I'm not counting the exact amount but there's somewhere between 925 and 950. One box sealed, one box opened. Both the same lot. They cost $.30/pc + shipping from Tubb. $250 shipped and they're yours which is under $.28/piece and free shipping at 900 count. *SOLD*

- *SOLD* 200 Barnes 80gr TTSX. One box was opened to get a bullet measurement but they're all there. The measured bullet still has some sharpie on it. These sell for $35/box or $.70/pc + shipping. Sell for $110 shipped which is $.55/pc and free shipping. *SOLD*


- Redding Master Hunter 28114 set. $125 shipped

- *SOLD* Giraud 243 cutter head and case holder. $60 shipped *SOLD*