243 and the Nosler B tip

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Jun 16, 2004
I just picked of some 95gr BT'S for my 243. Rifle is a Remmy 700 BDL with a 22' BBL. I'm lending this rifle to a friend for a deer hunt this month (first timer). I have been using a Hornaday 100gr spire point backed by 37.0gr of IMR4350 with good results so far. I want to give the BT a shot because they are "generaly" more accurate in everything i shoot. Powders Available to me are H-335, IMR4064, IMR4320, IMR4350, IMR7828, R22, R25 and Retumbo.
Tommy, My Remington 700 in 243 printed 95 grain partitions extremely well with RL22. I used 45 grains of RL22. I have also had great luck with 85 grain Sierra Boattails using 45 grains of IMR4350. Both loads print well under 1 inch for 5 shot groups. Good luck.

I don't reccomend any weight .243 Ballistic Tip for deer. They are strong medicine for coyotes. They leave an entrance wound that you can put your fist in. They will lift a sleeping rockchuck 2 feet of the ground with a good body hit. But I would be concerned that penetration on anything but a PERFECT broadside heart-lung shot would not put the deer down promptly. Quartering toward shot would be bad news. I would look at any thing from sierra or hornady or speer in the 100 grain boat tail or flat base spire point style that is in good supply in your area.

Just my two cents worth.
Wouldn't a soft point or partition be better for deer? BP's I though were primarily dsigned for target or blowing the snot out of varmints; the one's you don't want the hide for?
for deer the bts are ok, but i would reccomend the 100gr SGKs, i used them with 42.5gr H4350 and a win lrm primer, shot some outstanding groups out of an ADL.
the partitions are a good choice as well, but i found it much harder to make them shoot well. they held together outstanding though, i raked a small buck up 5 ribs running away at a very tough angle, the bullet looks like something out of their adds, weight retention was excellent.
but if you are set on the nosler bts, go with it, i took some nice bucks with them, even took some does on permit with the 55gr ones.
hope this helps
the .243 is one of my favorites, i just parted with my adl, and am about to build a heavy 243 AI
Yeah-- add to that the Speer 100 BTSP and 105's. They're great also, and claim a relatively high BC-- @ .430, and .442 for the 105.
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