SOLD/EXPIRED 243 AI, Rem 700, HS Precision

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    Oct 4, 2008

    Selling of a long range varmint gun to fund another build.
    Figured I don't need two of them. Gun was built by Joe Starnes in Conrad, MT of Longshot Precision two years ago. I've put vey few rounds through it since I've had it. Checking my reloading book tells me it's between 225 and 245 rounds. Shoots the 105 A-max at 3175 fps very well. Also shoots the 75 V-max at 3650 fps very well. I will include reloading data.

    Matte blued 700 Short Action, trued
    PTG recoil lug
    Krieger HV 8.5 twist that finished at 28"
    Six flutes
    Factory trigger with varmint weight spring
    Bedded into an HS Precision 5r stock
    SS bottom metal (not pictured but included)

    I will also include 50 pieces of 3x fired Lapua brass, 75 pieces of 1x fired Lapua brass, 25 pieces of unfired Lapua brass and a set of Redding dies.


    $1550 shipped for all of the above to an FFL. FFL must accept from private seller.

    Scope, bases, bipods and rings not included.

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    Jan 17, 2011
    What does it weigh? How far have you pushed this rifle? What size groups can one expect with the 105’s?