240gr. Sierra bullet w/ which weatherby case?

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    Mar 12, 2005
    To get more info from people that know...I would like to use this bullet with a b.c. of .711 according to Sierras website...I would like to push it at least 3,000 f.p.s....My follow-up question to an earlier post is...which weatherby case to use? 300 weatherby or the 30-378 weatherby case...it wouldnt bother me on the recoil, I would like an accurate combo to boot...is this asking too much? I would be using an 30 in. barrel w/ an python action...please give your opinions, thanks
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    You would need the 30/378 case over the 300 to push the 240 SMK to 3000fps+, it will probably push it closer to 3200fps in a 30 barrel. The 300 RUM should get you to 3000fps with a 30" barrel and be slightly easier on the barrel with less expensive brass.