230gr ATip - Terminal Performance

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Oct 3, 2017
Thought I’d chuck this up and share my experience as I couldn’t really find any info on the Hornady 230 ATip hunting/killing/terminal performance before I started doing my load data.

Worked up some loads for the 300 Norma with both the Berger 230’s and the 230 ATips, both grouped real well, speeds had been very similar as one would expect being same weights and similar bearing surface. I decided to stick with the ATips for the higher BC and it’s the bullet I wanted to run for this build to begin with.

Load I settled on was 86.0gr of H1000 which gave me 3020-3030 (and I’m sure it will increase a touch with a few more rounds Down the tube. Validated my dope and off I went hunting this afternoon.

Found a nice healthy Sambar Doe at 600 m on the nose, dialled 3.2 mils and sent it. Shot connected and passed through Lower lungs and exited Opposite side cleanly. Exit wound was approx 3” and created a really nice blood trail. Doe managed to make it around 8m-10m into thick scrub and expired making a pretty quick recovery.
Didnt have any daylight left to do an autopsy but it was clear the projectile did its job sufficiently that I’m confident enough to keep hunting with it. Sambar (Even does/hinds) are extremely tough, with thick hides and wire brush type coats, so should do the trick on just about all your large American deer/elk species too.

28” proof
7-35 atacr
T3 Brake

image below



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