230 OTM gets verified again

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    Oct 24, 2005
    I have seen a couple posts concerning using the 230 Berger in hunting situations. Yesterday I had the opportunity to test one on a cull deer. I was running a moderate amount of Retumbo seated to magazine length. With this set up in my 300 RUM sendero, it will print .5 MOA. I have a buddy who owns a farm and was after a few cull deer he had on camera. I was in the stand maybe an hour when one he showed me appeared. Not long range at all but conclusive to the fact Berger 230 OTM hits like the hammer of Thor. Our deer our smallish in this part of the country, he weighed about 120#. Since he came from behind me, I had to wait and let him pass. At about 70 yards I settled the crosshairs just behind his shoulder to quarter into his heart. I gently applied pressure on the trigger and WHAM. I wish I had it on video. The little joker did a flip and never even twitched. Upon examination the bullet did find the vitals and exited with about a 1.25 exit. Very little meat damage despite exiting the far shoulder but it really did a number on the vitals. No doubt this is all I will carry in my Rum from now on. Load em up. Although target shooting is what they are marketed for, they obviously hold together fine even at close range. Please no flaming for "overkill" dead is dead. IMHO there is no such thing. Nice to be able to use the same bullet I use for ELR all the way from 0 to way over yonder!
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    here is some more conformation for all the people on the fence. These things are war pigs and will for sure do the job. Just put a bull down right through the shoulder, I have never seen an elk drop so fast

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