230 bergers


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Jun 30, 2011
Well I shot my 300 rum again today first I shot it at a 100 and it wad still grouping so I shot it at 550 and busted some gatorade bottles, I have a rock I shoot at 850 a lot its by an old cat road I drive to get into wer I shoot I had shot a load with accubonds with an stw and those bullets blow up and you can tell Wen they hit a its very hard sand stone wall I **** the 239 grain berger at it and I hit my mark but didn't see it blow up I asked my spotter if he had seen the same thing he didn't see it explode either, we loaded up and went over there and I was amazed my bullet had penatrated over an 1.5 in the hard sand stone and was a perfect mushroom I dug it out with a marking spike and a splitin mall I was amazed I wieghed it and it retained more then 60% of its wieght 141 grains any one else have this kind of success

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