225 tsx vs 225 ttsx

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    Aug 14, 2011

    I sent a new 338 win mag to gunwerks to dial in a Nightforce. I was hoping that the Hornady Superformance interbonds or the Winchester Supreme accubonds were going to shoot well, as they both have bc's over .5, but they were around 1.5 inches. The 225 tsx Federal load were shooting less than a half inch, so they set up the scope with that. I know that I should be ecstatic that my gun shoots so well with a very good hunting round, but the bc of the tsx (.386) kinda limits the gun to 500-600 yards. I was just hoping one of the other bullets would have worked to give me a 700-800 yard gun.

    I just found that Barnes and Cor-Bon load the 338 with the 225 ttsx with a .514 bc so I bought a box of each. The obvious difference is the polymer tip, which I figured shouldn't really matter, but it is also a boattail.

    So to the question...do you guys think that the gun will shoot the ttsx as well as the tsx, or are they completely different animals?

    I know that I should be patient, but I have to wait for two more weeks to get the gun in my hands and the suspense is killing me!

    Thanks in advance.....and I know, I need to learn to reload. No argument here.
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    Feb 2, 2008
    I am more of a berger guy than a tsx guy due to bc. I hunt pigs in central calif about one a year so I loaded some 150tsx in my 7mm mag. They shoot more consistently sub moa than berger, meaning they aren't as finicky to do it. This weekend I loaded some 160tsx flat base that were 50% off in cabelas to see, and they shot .6moa as well.

    I know I'm not using TTSX vs TSX but the flat base vs boat tail is significant and my gun shot both very well. I think many gun really like or dislike these bullets and if yours likes them then I would buy a box and try as that is a significant bc difference, especially for the same grain bullet.
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    May 3, 2010
    I have used both and prefer the ttsx.
    Have used/shot the tsx in 6 calibers, 8 rifles accuracy and performance was always first rate. There are those that claim the tsx has at times penciled (not opened, acting like a solid. That is why Barnes came out with the polymer tip, to help ensure expansion. I've been using the ttsx in my 300wm and 338rum, accuracy has been great.