.224 44 Hammer Hunter for Whitetail?


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Dec 29, 2015
D W M ''Karamajio'' Bell was a world famous elephant/lvory hunter. l think he killed close to a THOUSAND with his .275 Rigby(7x57Mauser) and 6.5Swede. After retiring from the lvory Trade he went back to his native Scotland. There he hunted mostly Red Stag/Roe Deer. His favourite deer zapper was a Winchester bolt gun in 220Swift shooting factory 45gr Soft Points @4100fps. He said the 220 Swift was like a bolt of lightning, the Hammer of Thor on Red Stag and Roe Deer. 4100fps is almost 3000MPH. That's X15 Rocket Plane speed!!
While in New Mexico a couple weeks past our Prairie Dog outfitter remarked he had never seen BIG prairie dogs cut in HALF like l was doing with 40gr BlitzKings @3700fps from my 223Rem. My partner was shooting 55gr VMAX @3300fps. He wasn't blowing them up the way I WAS. l know bullet construction counts quite a bit in performance. Nothing compares to
''S P E E D''
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Apr 10, 2013
There’s guys in this Bore bore enthusiast group that just don’t understand speed and how that I brought down a 1500lb water Buffalo with a 30 cal and 181gr bullet.

A lot of speed with the hammers flat base displaces a lot of tissue and does so given its not quote unquote hitting the brakes so to speak like a bullet that mushrooms out.