22 for daughters


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Nov 11, 2010
I have twin girls that are to young to shoot still for several more years but I would like to get them 22 rifles that they can grow up with, that will also be “collectors” if you will. What do you guys recommend?
I have got all the Grandkids Cricket's in a different color. Not a collector to make money they are collectors because it is their first rifles. Had to buy new rear sight and drill them out larger so they could see the front post. When the twins got a little older picked them up consecutive serial number 10-22's, and AR556's. That was a great day at the gun store!!!
Stevens Favorite on Guns International right now~! Price reduction announced dropping to $495 which is a really decent price. Great starter rifle for a young person~!
It it's still there at the end of this month I'll own it~!
ruger rpr in rimfire the stocks are adjustable.
Check for dominant eye before buying bolt action.
My daughter right handed left eye dominant.