22 creed or 220 swift


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Mar 19, 2015
Looking to build a long range varminter. Wanting to shoot 55 grain or higher. .
Looking to reach out and touch at 500.....maybe 700
The 220 Swift has been around for 85 years there is a reason for that, "it works" I have never seen until recently swift brass or ammo not be available "in all fairness nothing is available" it is one the calibers I have been shooting for the longest time.
they only thing better than a 220 swift is they ackley improved version of it. I have several I know you want to shoot heavier bullets than I do, but a 220 swift AI will send a 40gr Vmax over 5000 fps all day long that translates to almost 500 yards with
minimal bullet drop those numbers are hard to ignore. So I don't think a 220 swift will have any trouble handling those 55gr
or what ever you decide to load, speaking of 55gr they are good for 4000 fps easy.

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I have both. 22 Creed has a bit more case capacity than the swift. I run Norma brass in the swift and Peterson in the creed. Peterson brass is way better. I run 53 gr V-max in the slow twist swift and 90 gr A-tip in the fast twist creed The 53 gr V-max has a g1 of .290 need to jump to 68 gr bullets to improve on that. I would pick based on which brass/bullets/powder you have or can get. I will always have at least one of each!
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I have 3 Swifts, 1 Ackley Improved swift 28 inch barrel 7 twist Cooper phoenix single shot. Developing loads 100+" shots in a quarter sized hole fireforming with 80 grain bergers. Im also developing loads for a 22-250 Ackley Improved 8 twist 28 inch barrel. Ive shot Prarie dogs and Columbian Ground squirrels here in Montana for 40 years to 500+ yarda with swifts. No needmore ever for me. I have a lifetime of brass.