22 BR or 6 BR ?????

J Spain

Mar 18, 2006
Going to have one of them built.. problem is I can't decide which one... For P-Dogs under 600 yds..
Can you help me..

I am doing the 6 br with an 8 twist. I will br shooting 87 gr V Max's for the Pd's and 105 Bergers for antelope. I find the 6br a sweet round that stays cool, accurate and is hard to beat.

Jeff gun)gun)
Got to agree .

6br will shoot 55 or 58gr plastic tip bullets faster due to larger bore size.

6br =always cool !
For PD`s I would give a slight edge to the .22 For coyotes I would call it a dead heat. For deer or antalope the 6 hands down.
Thanks for all the advise.. I went with a 22BR in a Hart 26" 14 twist and .256 neck.. Mike Bryant is building it.. He built a 250 Savage for me 2 yrs ago that shoots bug holes with a 75 grhp. That's my wind gun..

Thanks again for the help.....
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