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Nov 25, 2001
culpeper va
Well, since we have a definition of long range hunting for centerfire rifle. And since I am, and have been pursuing long range hits with my .22, I would like to establish a working definition of long range .22 long rifle rimfire.Just for fun!
Here is my suggestion,totally open for debate.
Longrange is 75 yards to 150 yards. Ultra long is 150 and beyond.Feel free to chime in,this is suposed to be fun.

frank4570 aka frankg2
Sounds good to me...I've heard that a lot of match/tac-style shooters shoot the .22RF a lot, because the ballistics of the .22RF at 200 yards are about equal to those of the .308 at 1000...Neat concept...

Okay w/ me. Popped a raccoon on the fly about 2 months back at 80 yards with CB shorts. That count? One shot BTW.

I don't know about the 200/1000 yard comparison, but I'd guess the .22 is more influenced by wind than the .308, even at that fairly modest range. Still, I've read of near 300 yard kills on Prairie Dogs with .22 RF's. I'd guess there are more than a few that crawl into the hole to die though. Your ranges seem a bit short to me insofar as target work is concerned, pretty good for critters. One of the things that frustrates me about rim fire ammo is it's inconsistancy. Seems that no matter how good or expensive it is, there is always a loose screw somewhere in the box. I shoot several .22's and enjoy them, but when absolute dependability is required they stay in the rack. The .22 Hornet with about 3.0 gr Bullseye is 100% reliable and only slightly exceeds RF velocities. Very accurate in my #1.
hmmmm,maybe you are right about my distances being too short. I even kind of thought the same thing myself after writing it. I was thinking along those lines because I was thinking rabbits and squirrels. They are pretty small. I have never shot a coon with anything let alone a rimfire.But they are a bit bigger than a rabbit. I was also thinking about what I believe average hunters are capable of hitting with their rimfire.
So...maybe 100yds for long range and 200yds for ultra?
I have made hits out to 400 on things as small as golfballs but never consistently.
I have hade consistent success at 200 under the best of conditions,but even when the wind seems dead calm it blows the bullets around.
Maybe 100yds and 250yds? I don't know.Somebody else make a suggestion.I think we need more opinions to get a better idea of what other peoples experiences have been.
I have shot my fair share of gophers (smaller than PD's) with .22 and have established a good understanding of the effectivness based on range (for me and my gun). These numbers are base on a wind speed of sub 3 mph off a bipod and using American Eagle ammo.

100-125 yards... Average shells per gopher is 1.3.

150-175 yards... Average shells per gopher is 2.3.

At 200-225 yards. Average shells per gopher goes up to 4.

The farthest I ever shot a gopher was 304 yards but that took 8 shots.

Alot depends on the ammo, I have found CCI to be significantly faster and better at long range but I would rather just shoot the cheep stuff and save money for the centerfires.

So my answer to your question is that if someone tells me that they shot a gopher at 125 yards I would consider it long range. If more than 200 I would say Ultra long range. It seems that it gets exponentially harder to hit them with .22 as range increases. I usually pass them up if over 175 and use a bigger gun
MTBA,It sounds like you have a lot of experience in this area.How about 125 for long range,200 for ultra.
By the way, what kind of gun are you shooting?
I would like to but, I just can't bring myself to build a custom .22, so the one for which the data was given is just a marlin tube feed, that currently has well over 10000 rounds through it. For what it is, it did shoot very well, unfortunatly just last year it started not shooting as well as it used to. But luckily I just inherited a very nice Browning that I just went and shot a 1.25 inch 100 yard group with. I am excited to start using it, gopher season is just getting into gear around here.
Maybe a separate topic, but how about .22 pistol? I have a ruger MKII that does a pretty fine job. I started shooting it last year and became pretty proficient on gophers out to 30 yards.

Does anyone know of a good silencer for the MKII bull barrel? I would like to shoot it without hearing protection but despite being just a .22 it still makes my ears ring.
I just found this sight and thought I would check it out. I don't know if this counts but I recently was injured in Iraq and medicly disharched from the army. The first thing I bought was a new Marlin 22WMR heavy barrel gun with a 3X9X40. Im an avid squirl hunter and thought it could double for pesky cyoetes also. I have made confirmed shots at over 600 meters with my issued M249 (.223) and did not have any idea of what to expect from the .22WMR in terms of long range accuracy. I sighted it in two weeks ago with a friend at 25 yards BSZ. it was dead on and consitantly putting them through the same hole. We put a new target up at 100 yards and fired 7 rounds, All seven shots where in the 10 ring which messured only 1 1/2 inches. We were talking about how good the rifle was when the range offical told me that he could shoot cb's at 200 and hold 2-3 inch groups. We moved the target back to 200 and shot 7 more rounds (CCI Maxi Mag TMJ). I aimed approximately 12 inches high and all 7 shots where in the black circle which mesures 6 inches. I thought it was not bad for not working the trigger yet and my first time sighting in the rifle. Also I am sure that is going to be a kill on a cyoete out to 200 at least. But if anyone has some info on how to tighten the groupes if it can be done at 200 with a .22WMR I am listening.
JJ, thanks for your sacrifice, and congrats on your return. Sounds like you have a fine shooting mag in your closet BTW.
I shoot a lot of CB's and have one gun that will shoot 1/2" or sometimes less at 50 yds with the shorts. I have to guess that the range guy may have been teasing about getting that type of group with them at 200 yds. Not saying it isn't possible but I doubt it is consistantly repeatable due to MV variations that are routine in CB ammo. I have found CCI to be the most consistant in MY rifle but over a Chrony the velocities often have a spread of 50 fps or more. Too, wind plays absolute havoc with them.

Best to you!
MTBA -- any of the major suppressor makers can help you out for 200-300$


that is all i can think of for now.

I would try some Remington Premier they load a 33 GR. V-max. In my mag they hold MOA at 100 yards. Federal did even better with the siera bullet but for some reason they switched to TNT's? (Tird N Tirds) they shoot like crap in my gun. You cant help fliers but there are gauges to measure the rim thickness not sure if its worth it. I shoot an old Savage Anschutz 64 Target,I re-chambered it, opened the bolt face, cut back the ejector, and shaved the wood down to a sporter. (sort of) It has killed several groundhogs at 200 yards plan to go further when i get the clicks down. Also shoot a Mauser 201 custom 22 RF. Just got it last year neat little front bolt lugs. shoots Eley High velocity MOA at 100 has killed groundhogs at 125 with a 7X loopy set up to use a bottom post hold (needs a target knob to go further)
I also shoot a MK-II dont waste $ on scope mounts get a smith to dovetail the receiver for .22 rings like a rifle (5/8) and slap a red dot sight on it your groups will cut in 1/2 and distance will double!!!
any hit over 200 is a **** good shot in my opinion

not to be bragging but, my best 22 hit was 317 on a groundhog (half a box of win. powerpoints lol) and my best one shot hit was 275 both on the same day
Thanks for the kind words I appreciate it but was just doing my job and there are alot of soldiers who still have a long road ahead of them, lets keep them in our thoughts as I do every day.

I will try to find some differant ammo and try it out to see if the gun can be tuned better but where can I find the remington ammo I only have a wal-mart near by and they only have winchester and CCI, As for the range offical he kind of came accros like a story teller so I didnt put much faith in what he said especially when he said my first groups with the rifle were slopy, I mean come-on it was my first time shooting since Ive been back and to be honest its going to take a while for me to get comfortalbe with the gun. thanks for input.
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