22-250 Load

Kinda like the man said; the more info you put out, the more you'll get back. With that said'…, the best all time load I had for my .22 250 Wby Varmintmaster was; Sierra 60gr. HP {#1375 Varminter} using {35.0grs} of IMR 4064 the primers were, WLR this load was a rock steady 3500 fps from my 26" barrel, it wasn't a real barrel burn; but it sure was a life taker on Yotes as far as 400 plus yards with one hole groups at 100 yards. Other than that you can throw almost any combo you want at the .22 250 and it'll shoot them all well.
rem model 700 sps varmint,22-250 rem,26'' heavy bbarrel,1-14 twist
hornady 50 grain V-max,33.7gr of varget,win brass,cci lrp,,,about .003'' off the lands
and I forgot to mention,,with a 1-12 twist,,I bet 55grain pills will work pretty good in your faster rate of twist
For the 22-250 Rem most folks like those 50-55 grain bullet choices. Not me, I like the super fast 40 grain Nosler BT`s behind a 39 grain charge of Reloader 15 with Remington brass (full length resized brass) and Winchester WLR primers.

This is a near maximum load recipe so start at 36 grains of Reloader 15 and work your way up. Load recipe is in the Nosler 6th edition loading manual.

I am using a HR 1871 SB2 Ultra Varminter with a 24 inch bull barrel (fluted) with a 1-12" twist. COAL is 2.350"

This is an extremely accurate load recipe for this rifle. Last weekend I was shooting 0.3 MOA at 100 yards (3 shot groups). I just started to load for this rifle too so I am fine tuning the load recipe as we speak. It is fun experimenting with this caliber.

Hope this helps as an alternative. :D
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