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Mar 17, 2009
I am looking for a starting point for a 22-250 load. I will be using either 50 or 55 grain Nosler BT, or Sierras. I have loaded some 204 in the past and benchmark worked well. What powders have worked well. Thanks.
My best accuracy load was 50 grain horn. with h 380 and hodgdon reccomends starting at 33.5 and max at 36.0 @ 3900 with a 50 grain for benchmark.
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My best load was 55gr Horn VMAX with 35 gr IMR4064. About the same w/ Varget. H380 is another good choice in this case.

My go-to load, though, is a max charge of IMR4064 under the 63 gr SMP Sierra. Bucks wind a little better on Wyoming prairie poodles, and will work fine on songdogs, too. I've had my best luck with CCI BR2 primers in this load.
My standard load for all the rifles I've loaded for has been 37.0gr H380 for the 55gr bullets and 38.0 for the 50gr ones. I like H380 just because it meters so well and the 22-250 is one that gets loaded in larger volumes.
Thanks for the replies and keep them coming. I will check out Barnes bullets. I don't have much experience with them. This load will be for varmints out to 300+.
I like both H4895 and IMR4007SCC in my 22-250. Go to their website for charge info...to be used as a general reference and starting points.
My gun likes H380 with 50 grain V-Maxes. 37-37.5 grains. I tried Nosler 50 grain ballistic tips with Varget and H380, but I couldn't get them to do as good as the Hornady's. Varget seems to be very popular for the 22-250 with a lot of people.
My best load so far is the nosler 50 gr bt with 35 gr varget and a cci 200 primer. Shoots holes touching 3 shot groups at 100 yds.
I will agree h-380 shoots well in most 22-250s and it meters well and for spring ground-hogging I use it alot however cases full of 380 in hotter weather can cause presure problems,you won't have that problem w/varget or IMR 4895 34 or 35 grains of either w/50gr vmax you can't go wrong.Also IMR 4350 is abundent and cheap,not usually thought of for 250s although I have a #70 that w/39gr of 4350 and 50gr nosler bts one ragged hole all day long.Good Luck:)
Hey guys,

Haven't seen it mentioned yet, so I'll risk boring you with a little history here. The 22-250 was actually where H-380 got it's name. It was one of the original USGI surplus powders that Bruce Hodgdon started the company with. He found that 38.0 grains under a 52-53 grain bullet was THE load for his (then wildcat) 22-250 varminter. When he bottled the stuff and started selling it, it suddenly became H-380 in reference to that load.

(and yes, use the current data for this combination, despite the history here!)

Kevin Thomas
Lapua USA
That is exactly where H380 came from the 22-250. 38g with 55g H-vmax or same bullet with 36.1g of Varget...
I have a 2003 Savage 12 in .22-250 Rem. I've used Nosler's ballistic tips and Sierra's Blitzes and hollow points in the 50-55 grain range, as well as other bullets. They all shoot well, but my rifle seems to prefer the 50gr Hornday V-Max.

I haven't found it to be a very fussy rifle. H380, Varget, IMR4064 all shoot well. I would add that 39.0 grains of W760 was my go to load for a long time. More recently I've switched to Ramshot's Big Game. Gives me more consistent velocities and I'm hoping it's more consistent across temperatures.
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