22-243 middlestead 1-7 twist(25” barrel)

I have a 22-243 with a 24.25" barrel with an 8" twist. I'm loading Berger 82gr LR bullets with 44.5gr RE23 @ 3,450 ft/sec. I'm using Lapua cases and Fed 210M primers.

This load shoots about 1.5"-1.75" at 400yds.
I’m shooting 85.5g Berger hybrids in my 22-243 with Winchester brass. I have only done some velocity latter test with megneto speed with rl26, 210m primers up to 3300 so far without pressure. I’m running a 26” black hole weaponary barrel it’s poly rifling.
Been quite awhile since I’ve been on this thread. Found a load last February that shoots lights out. 95 grain smk at 3150 powered by h1000. 7828 also shot very well. Shot out to 600 yards and it was still sub moa. If I had not tried those 95 smk’s I would have trashed the barrel. In all my reloading endeavors I had never dealt with a barrel as difficult as this one was. If I counted all the different variations of each load, I’m sure I was around 70 different loads.