210 berger hunting vs 212 eldx for deer size game?


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Nov 26, 2011
Hello I picked up a Christensen arm mesa long range in 300 prc. This past year I tried the 230 bergers and was not impressed by the terminal balistics of the bullet. Could be its not a designated hunting bullet. I shot 2 Pennsylvania whitetail doe this year both about 530yards. Knocked them completely off their feet but both go back up and required follow up shots. First was top of the lungs just under spine. 2nd was back of the lungs, diaphragm area.
Anyway long story short im looking to switch to one of the above mentioned bullets. Let just say they both shoot equally well out of my gun. Which bullet would you choose for deer sized game out to 1200 yards?
Pics of the entrance/exit would be great
Thanks fellas


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Sep 24, 2016
Frankfort, Ky
Hey there. My ‘hunting partner and I 😉’ knocked off this fella this year with the .300 Win Mag using the 210gr Berger hunting vld. I didn’t take internal damage pictures, but what I can tell you is that it was a caliber sized entrance hole behind his left shoulder, complete SOUP on the inside and no exit. He only managed @ 30 yards before piling up. Shot distance was 200 yards and my muzzle-velocity should’ve been right at 2980 fps. No ‘bullet performance complaints’ from me...