*****210 berger experience*****


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Jun 20, 2009
I wanted to share my experience with the 210 berger this far. Please excuse my writing/spelling skills.

Lately their has been several comments on the performance of berger bullets @ close range some say do not shoot them from 400 yards and in. Well yeasterday evening befor i fell asleep from overdosing on smoked turkey:D I decided to go to one of dads shooting houses and try for my long range shot I can get a maximum of 840 yards . While I was walking up to the stand I scanned part of a field to see if their were any deer in it I didn't see anything so I proceeded on I get to the ladder and as I step up from about the third step to my surprise their is a doe bedded down looking away from me. (broadside) problem is I have to come down as I know I will get busted if I try to enter the shooting house now I have to find a shooting position so I head back up into the woods putting trees between I and the deer moving slowly not to be herd. I get to a spot that looks like it might work their is one rock about the size of a coffee table by itself I stoop down to see if I can get a clear shooting position here and It looks great . I take of my back pack lay atop of the rock and it's really unsteady I suddenly realize that I've got the harris bypod in a side pocket so I quickly pull it out and attach it to my gun then I slide the back pack back for a rear rest and I'm solid as a rock. I range the deer with the LRF 1200 and it says 217 yards don't laugh this is the first time ever to use my kestrel nv 3500 and nightforce pocket pc so any shot for me will be an experience I uncheck the standered box,and begin to plug in the data Temp 50F, Pressure 28.88, Relative Humidity 51.5 yardage 217 then select drop table and use the 220 adjustment I then dial up 2 MOA no wind and really not that far anyways remeber the deer was bedded down and broadsided I steady the cross hares right in the boiler room like I always did when I shot the AMAX bullets and let the trigger break as I recovered from the recoil wich was very little thanks to shawns muzzle break I noticed the deer looked like she just went to sleep permanently:D Now for the guys that say don't shoot bergers in close I'll have to pass on that opinion because I've shot one now and I'm not blowin hot air when I say this when I went to where the deer was, I had to roll it off of it's bed so Iknow it never moved it was lights out when the gun went off I plan on shooting some as close as I can and I plan on reporting it for those that have to here don't use bergers @ close range . Thanks for taking the time to read this :)

PS I know this was a very short range to use the pocket pc software but it felt real nice to dial it up and it did take some confidence in my equipment to fool with the scope and then send it down range this is the first deer I've killed like this and even though it was not 1200 yards I'm still thankful to have been able to have this experience and to share it with you all...

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I shoot the 210 and the 90 berger also and have never had a problem with it close or far. I use my exbal at close ranges alot just to keep me keen on using it for long shots.
I shoot the 210 and the 90 berger also and have never had a problem with it close or far. I use my exbal at close ranges alot just to keep me keen on using it for long shots.
You know as I started this past summer shooting paper using exbal my first thought as I was learning how to use it was what are the chances of locating a deer that will stand still long enough for me to go through the steps but it happened and I really enjoyed it I like the Ideah of usuing it up close inorder to keep keen:)

Thanks for the reply

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