20mm build project

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    May 6, 2003
    I've been collecting parts for a 20mm build and I realized I'm not going to finish this any time soon and would rather get a different build started.

    around 300 count once fired 20mm Vulcan cases
    Around 400 'short blue' Vulcan bullets
    Reloading dies with shell holder by CH4D
    Custom single stage press for reloading (has a short stroke option for swaging)
    M61 20MM Vulcan barrel
    Two 4140 pieces of steel

    Using CVDS website for prices this is way over $5000, I am asking $3000 (negotiable) and yes I'll ship. Located in Central Colorado.

    1539546446844161676412687474472.jpg 15395464837035370500423021845162.jpg 15395465221034950644903651124591.jpg 15395465417276809382808001879955.jpg 15395465584225371419521343421919.jpg 15395465870473984847762771320902.jpg 1539546638930766221187473331852.jpg 15395467410147168960995519097761.jpg 15395468562494022367401834222370.jpg 1539546446844161676412687474472.jpg 15395467410147168960995519097761.jpg
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