208 gr A-MAX, .308

Discussion in 'Rifles, Bullets, Barrels & Ballistics' started by Ovrmydeadbdy, Apr 18, 2010.

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  1. Ovrmydeadbdy

    Ovrmydeadbdy New Member

    Jul 3, 2009
    Ladies and gentlemen, I have been searching for a recipe for the .308, 208 Gr. A-MAX bullet for the .30-06. I started to just do some testing myself. Conditions were 65 degrees, pressure 30.01, altitude 4950 ft.

    My start load was 50 Gr. of IMR 4831. Muzzle velocity was 2375.

    The Best load for my rifle was;

    51 Gr. of IMR 4831

    I hope this info helps someone out there, who is like me, who wants to shoot some long range with the .30-06!
  2. Johnboy

    Johnboy Well-Known Member

    Sep 25, 2009
    that sure is slow for an 06.would think that you would like it to at least run 2700FPS.but if you are happy with that I guess its OK.heck alot of us are getting 2600-2800fps in a 308.but again if you are happy with that load,keep it and shoot the fire out of it.
  3. Michael Eichele

    Michael Eichele Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    If you want more velocity try RL-17 or RL-19, VV N-550 or VV N-560. I would be suprised if you didnt reach 2700+ FPS with one of those.

    As stated earlier, many of us here are seeing 2600-2800 in our 308's including myself. IMHO, 2800 is really pushing it. However, with RL17 and VV N550, 2600-2650 is actually a very safe and modest load in a 26" barrel. My load is 2700 but I am working on one in the 2600-2630 range. I would sleep better at night as 2700 just seems too good to be true. There has to be a trade off somewhere.
  4. CA48

    CA48 Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2009
    If your looking for a little more velocity here is a thread that might help get you started with RL17. These guys are seeing a little over 2700 fps with a 22 in. barrel.

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