204 Ruger Savage M-12 Thumbhole Stock w/Brake


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Nov 24, 2007
Near Mt Rainier
This Savage Model 12 bull barrel wears a Boyd's laminated thumbhole stock. The stock has a long (14.25 in) trigger pull facilitated by a Limbsaver 1" recoil pad. The stock has a walnut forend piece. The forend is also ventilated for cooling. The recoil lug and foreward receiver ring have been bedded with Accuraglass Gel. A small section of the barrel, foreward of the headspacing nut has been bedded to help support the barrel. A polyethylene block has replaced the magazine for smooth single loading. The factory trigger has been tuned down to 2 pounds but that is as low as I can get it. Warne steel picatinny bases have been bedded (I waxed the receiver and they can be removed) to the action. A Pacific Tool & Gauge muzzle brake vents to the side to avoid throwing dust when shooting off the ground with a bipod. The muzzle brake allows an uninterrupted view of your bullets striking the target, even with a powerful scope. I nitrocarburized the barrel and brake. That should double the barrel life. It has less than 100 rounds down it. I really like the stock, and would hold on to the rifle, but I purchased two XB-40s at an estate sale and they need glass. I will ship in the factory box $560 plus postage. DSCN3455d.jpg