2018 MRPA Cold Bore Hunting Class - June 16-17 at the B&C Club Roosevelt Memorial Ranch, Dupuyer, MT


Sep 19, 2009
The Montana Rifle and Pistol Association (MRPA) is sponsoring a Cold Bore Accuracy Hunting Course next month. The course will be held at the Boone and Crockett Club’s Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch June 16-17, 2018. The Roosevelt Ranch is located about 8 miles West of Dupuyer, MT and is 50 miles from Glacier National Park. The scenery of the Rocky Mountain Front is breathtaking and the Roosevelt Ranch is a working cattle ranch where elk, deer and grizzlies are present. The theme of this course will primarily cover shot dispersion and how dispersion relates to the ability to hit a target under anticipated field conditions. Seating is limited from 15 preferred minimum staying in the lodge to approximately 30 max.

Course instructors are well versed in cold bore accuracy and precision hunting. The lead instructor is a NRA High Master earned in F-TR long and mid-range competition and has won major level long range competitions as well as holding NRA mid and long range national records. He is an accomplished cold bore accuracy hunter and has been involved in instructing automated and manual gunnery with various shooting systems for over 20 years.

Course agenda:

• Examine single sources of dispersion as they would relate to range and target size using examples

• Understand and develop Cones of Fire derived from compounding single source Cones of Dispersion

• Examine inaccuracies and how they relate to a single source Cone of Dispersion and the resulting Cone of Fire

• Examine techniques with how to collect data and use tools to determine where to invest time and resources to improve results with training

• Review case studies using simulated analysis under shooter and environmental conditions to include cartridge to cartridge comparisons along with first round hit probability from experienced to novice shooters. The case studies should also bring enlightening real world results to questions such as “why 500 yards?” and “how far should I really be shooting while hunting?”

The first day will be primarily classroom instruction and lecture with the second morning an opportunity to shoot for collecting measurements that were presented in class the first day. Last year the wind in the morning was light and then increasing as the day progressed. This allowed those shooting for wind uncertainty measurements to experience an easy to hard wind environment all in one morning and afternoon.

Cost. There is no cost for the instruction. Those electing to shoot on Sunday will be charged a $5 range fee to cover the cost of targets and upkeep of the range.

Lodging. A person can camp on site at no charge. There is also a $40 per person per night lodging fee for those that elect to stay in the lodge vice camping. The closest lodging is quite some distance away and those that stayed in lodge last year stated it was well worth having bathrooms and a shower.

Food. Participants last year decided to cook their own food on site and we will continue with the same this year. There is a large kitchen available and we cooked steaks, spaghetti, bread, etc. Participants can bring whatever food they desire for their stay to include the Saturday night dinner. However, we will provide the elk steaks, deer spaghetti, salad, and vegetables for the group Saturday night.

Participants last year recommended inviting their spouse. Grizzly bear, deer, and elk are often seen on or near the ranch and those that attended with their spouse really enjoyed the wildlife and scenery together. Additionally, families of all ages that are capable of obtaining a hunting license are encouraged to attend

To reserve a reservation in the class, contact Hunt Right at [email protected]

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