2018 Idaho Muley


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Jun 11, 2018
Pocatello Idaho
What an exciting day this was. Right off the bat we seen 2 bucks walking in. A big 5x4 and a good 4x3. My brother inlaw took a bad rest and what I thought hit him but after 3 hours of looking, no blood and combing the drainage in buck brush, we didn't find him. I went after the 4x3 and had an opportunity at 360 but I couldnt get a good rest So when he got up I wasnt comfortable taking an off hand shot. He went into the next drainage and I went after. I couldnt find him So I decided to back out, I looked up onto the side hill about 900 yards away a big 4x4 about 26/27 wide was hoofing it across the face but dropped in on some private ground.

So off we went up onto the lower cliffs for the rest of the day glassing over 30 deer. All does and fawns. About an hour and half before end of shooting light I glassed this unique 4x3 900 yards away up across this drainage onto the upper cliffs just meaning around. We decided to go after him. He was probably only 16-18 wide but 25-30 inch tall.

We made good time. 30 min later we are about 500 yards away on the same ridgeline as he. But now we cant see him. So I took a min and got my ballistics down. We headed up onto the last little point before he would see us. Still we cant see him. I look to my left and this deer was 210 yards away broadside just looking at us. So I dialed down to zero and tried to go prone but there were rocks in my way so I kept inching closer until I could be clear while my brother inlaw kept saying, "shoot him, shoot him. What are you doing?! Shoot him!"

I dumped him with my newly semi built 6.5-284.

Shooting 143 eldx at 2800 fps on a tikka action.

Buck fever did play a part but I'm still extremely happy with this buck.


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