2016 LRH Shooting Class With Non-Typical Outfitters

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    Jun 18, 2007
    I am re-posting this here, since there are so many views:
    Having helped with and attended several LR shooting schools, I can say without reservation that the LRH Shooting Class with Non-Typical Outfitters is without a doubt the best LR shooting/hunting class I have seen, as it deals with about every conceivable shooting position you would find yourself in when hunting in the mountains.
    They also cover a good number of shooting positions that you would find anywhere. Robb Wiley and crew did a fantastic job.
    If you want to be a better hunter/shooter in the mountains or shooting in terrain go to Robb's class!
    Let me suggest, that you will not be shooting prone the majority of the time.
    Folks, this is the real deal!
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