2016 Bowtech BTX 28


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Aug 21, 2013
I am looking to trade or sell my 2016 Bowtech BTX 28 60-70# set at 27" DL but is adjustable from 25.5"-28". It is a black riser with black limbs. I have shot this bow just this fall hunting season and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Bow is in awesome shape with the only noticeable mark being the set screw from the rest. Strings are in good shape as well. I am looking to trade it for a Prime Rize, Rival, Ion, Centergy or Centergy Air. I can add $ on my end if need be but would really like to do an even bare bow for bare bow trade, possibly with rest if thats easier (mine currently has a QAD Ultrarest) I may entertain an Elite E32, or synergy as well. Thanks for your time! Would sell outright for $400 TYD


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