2014 JC Steel Target Challenge, PRS match, Spons. by Seekins

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    Mar 30, 2008
    JC Steel Targets Inc. is proud to have its 2nd annual JC Steel Target Challenge Sponsored by Seekins Precision
    This match will be apart of the 2014 PRS Series.

    The JC Steel Target Challenge will be a Non-Profit match, with all proceeds going to the at-risk youth on Jubilee Youth Ranch ( jlacademy.org ) . We are really excited to offer a sweet match where the proceeds are going to a great cause. And we think you guys will really enjoy yourselves out here. You will get a lot for your entry fee.
    The Match will be held on Jubilee Youth Ranch. So you will also get an opportunity to visit with some of our wonderful young men becoming leaders, and check out our campus where these guys live for an entire year trying to better their lives.

    The match will be a pretty uptempo match, lots of shooting, and will be both Physically and Mentally demanding. Premium AR500 targets will be the target of choice. Most stages will have some sort of stress involved. Either timed or varying target sizes. There will be many different barricades and natural terrain to navigate though while shooting the match as well. Come prepared!
    Shooters can expect ranges of 25 yards to 1200 yards. Many targets will be in the 200-800 range.
    Calibers will be 300WM and under.
    Round count will be +-200
    Muzzle velocity at 3150FPS or under. We will check randomly!
    You can shoot either your bolt rifle, or your semi-auto. Only allowed to carry one rifle during the match.
    You will be required to carry all your gear with you all day. And there will be a hiking so pack accordingly.

    ---Pre-Match practice TUNE UP---Friday Feb 28th. 9AM-3PM. Cost--$250. Need a Min. of 8 to make this happen. Max. of 16 spots available for this.
    This is a great opportunity to shoot on location here at Jubilee Youth Ranch. You will be able to engage targets from 100-1000 yards. You will not shoot any of the course of fire, but will be able to get familiar with the JC Steel Range. You will have access to some of our barricades, moving target systems, platforms, and lots of targets.
    This Pre Match Practice tune up with also come with professional instructors (INTERNATIONAL SERVICE GROUP :: Home) to coach you through shooting movers, positions, barricades, and shoot-houses if wanted. If it will be worth it for sure, they are true professionals in every way with tons of experience. --http://intservgrp.com/--

    Please contact me about sponsoring the match. We would love to have you on board. Not only would you be helping the shooter, but it would greatly help out the youth ranch as well.
    Sponsors really make everything happen, and competitors love a good prize table. Without you sponsors, we really could not do this. Please contact us if you are interested. Much appreciated!!

    This will be a two day match. Dates for the match will be March 1st and 2nd. With mandatory check in Friday the 28th of Feb.
    We will also be having a Night Sponsor Demo Day on Friday night the 28th starting at O Dark 30.
    Includes Food, refreshments all weekend, shooters bags, and match T shirt.
    Registration will start on December 16th at 10AM PST.
    It will be a first come first serve registration. Max shooters will be 75 with 10 reserved for sponsors and special guests. Last year we filled up in one day, so when its time to register, be ready so your not left out.
    It will all be on the JC Steel Targetswebsite when the time comes. More info on that later.
    We are happy to say that we are providing the following meals. The students will be assisting will all meals.
    Breakfast- French Toast, Sausage links, fruit, cereal, yogurt
    Dinner-Baked Chicken Parmesan, Noodles, garlic bread, green-beans and ceasar salad
    Breakfast-Meatlovers scramble and a side of fruit, cereal, yogurt
    Dinner-Carne Asada and Pollo Asada with all the goodies you can imagine.
    At least this is our plan. it will be great food, but dont hold us to it.

    We will also be delivering snacks/drinks to you while shooting. This is a field match, so you will need the snacks to keep your energy level up.

    -You can bring a tent if you would like-BUT it is March and it might be mild weather. So take your chances there. Last year we had many campers.
    -Campers and RV's are fine as well. We had lots of these last year from super doper 5th wheels to pop out tent trailers---We do not have hook ups, so it will be dry RVing only. After you get here on the ranch we can provide needed transportation to and from the shooting areas.
    Red Lion-34 Miles away
    2525 North 20th Avenue
    Pasco WA
    (509) 547-0701

    Best Western-34 Miles away
    2811 North 20th Avenue
    Pasco WA
    (509) 543-7722

    La Quinta Inn-35 miles away
    520 North 2nd Avenue
    Walla Walla
    (509) 525-2522
    Holiday Inn Express-35 miles away
    1433 West Pine Street
    Walla Walla
    (509) 525-6200

    -Tri-Cities international Airport. Pasco, WA
    -Walla Walla regional airport. Walla Walla, Wa.

    Thanks for looking, and we hope to see you here!!!

    Jake Vibbert
    JC Steel Targets
    Jubilee Youth Ranch
    Here are our sponsors from last year! We will contact them again and see what they think about donating something again this year.
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    Mar 30, 2008
    We are going to lower the price of the practice tune up on Friday to $190 instead of $250. This will be a great opportunity to put rounds down range at our facility on movers, barricades, spinning targets, platforms Etc. Hope to see you here.
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    Jan 16, 2008
    Sounds like an interesting match. Can you provide links to any threads where someone might have written an AAR?
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    Mar 30, 2008
    We are all full at 100 shooters!

    We are still looking for some sponsors, so if you know anyone that is interested, please forward my info!

    The shooters appreciate it!