2014 Granite Creek Sniper Challenge in southwest MT

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    Dec 5, 2013
    EVENT INFORMATION: The team at Granite Creek Range invites you to participate in the first Granite Creek Sniper Challenge on June 6-8, 2014! Two multi-stage events will test you and your team's abilities on our rough-terrain range with targets from 150 to 1200 yards. Our shooting positions are designed to enhance terrain and environmental challenges such as sun position, prevailing wind, long range target visibility with high engagement angles of up to 20°.

    Open Class:
    Proudly Sponsored by Gunwerks!
    Entry Fee: $225.00
    First Place Prize: $1000, BR2 Range Finder from Gunwerks
    This course of fire is designed to test your skills in a variety of different ways. The course will consist of 6-8 stages with distances out to 1200 yards. You will shoot as individuals and be scored as individuals. You may pair up with another competitor and spot for each other. Although you will not have the same physical requirements as the Team Challenge, there will be some hiking required.
    Allowed weapons in the Open Match will be .223 up to .300 Winchester Magnum, up to 220 grain projectiles and a maximum muzzle velocity of 3300 fps.

    Team Challenge:
    Proudly Sponsored by Nightforce Optics
    Entry Fee: $450.00
    First Place Prize: $2000, Pair of Nightforce Scopes
    Additional prizes will be sponsored by Mystery Ranch for the fastest combined time between match stages.
    This course of fire will not only test your shooting ability but test your physical ability as well. The course will consist of 6-8 stages with distances out to 1200 yards. You will shoot as a team with one designated primary shooter and one designated secondary shooter. Primary and secondary shooters must switch designations twice during the match.
    Allowed weapons will be restricted to .308 and .300 Win Mag. One member of each team will be required to shoot .308
    Team Challenge competitors will be required to carry all equipment needed for the day with them while they move between stages. Movement between stages will vary from 200 yards to 3 miles. Competitors will have a time requirement between stages.

    Other great prizes include two Bushnell Elite Tactical scopes, two $500 gift cards from Manners stocks, M Pro7 cleaning supplies, prize table backpacks from Mystery Ranch, and we are going to raffle off one of our competition 3gun rifles.

    A percentage of entries will be donated to HAVA(Honered American Veterans Afield)

    Match details and registration can be viewed at www.diversecapabilities.com