2012 338 edge long range hunting video


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Apr 10, 2012
It was my first year of long range hunting what a exciting sport(addiction). And after hundreds and hundreds of rounds of field practice and four days of long range class from Shawn and Bob Carlock i felt more ready then ever for hunting season. i have always loved making videos so it only seemed right to film this new adventure. Hope you guys enjoy it the original version was way to long for youtube so i had to cut it down alot. Me my son and a couple friends take my 338 Edge to the field hunting. The gun is a Carlock built 338 Edge with a Nightforce 5.5x22x56mm using Berger 300gr. OTM tacticals also using G7 ballistic range finder.

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Excellent video! What editing software did you use? Also, it looked like you were filming through a spotting scope on some of the shots. Can you share what spotter/camera? Again, great video!
The software I use is Adobe After Effects for intro and Adobe premiere pro for editing. The camera is a Sony hdr-fx7 with a 2.2x Raynox lens also used Century Precision optics 2.0x lens on some shots. Glad you guys enjoyed ill keep filming and posting for you.
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